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What are investment advisers?  
Internet Fraud:  How to avoid Internet investment scams
Tips for online investing: What you need to know about trading in fast-moving markets 
About settling trades in three days: Introducing T+3 
Trade Execution: What every investor should know 
The international bank debenture trading 
High yield investment: Bank debentures trading program 
Paper Trading 
So-called "Prime" bank and similar financial instruments 
Prime bank instrument scam 
Standby letters of credit: The private primary market 
Warning from IMF against financial schemes misusing its name 
Historical Bonds: Names you should know 
Easy money: Profiting from restricted stocks 
The world's top 20 banks
The top 50 banks in the world based ranked according to Market Capitalisation in 2012
See world's top banks credit ratings from Fitch, Standard & Poor and Moody as in 2010
Bank Ratings
History and development of bank instruments 
ICC endorsement of the UNCITRAL Convention on Independent Guarantees and Stand-by Letters of Credit 
The mechanics of bank SLCS and guarantees 
Model for valuing bonds and embedded options 
Section 1109.32 
Capital Markets 
Bank Guarantees (BG's) 
Corporate Bonds 
Corporate Medium Term Notes (MTNs) 
Corporate Promissory Notes 
Funding mega dollar projects utilizing bank guarantees (BG's) or other bank instruments 
Letters of Credit (LC, ILC & Pay Order) 
Foreign Government or Corporate Medium Term Notes (MTN's) 
Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLC's) 
Money Leveraging 
Securities Lawyer's Deskbook 
U.S. Certificate of Deposits (CD's) 
United States Medium Term Notes (MTN's) 
Definition of American Depositary Share (ADS) 
Portfolio Collateralization 
Documentary and Standby letters of Credit 
Typical suggestion for a Due Diligence Checklist 
Typical list of available securities 
Sec Interpretation: Use of Electronic Media 

Frauds, Phonies and Scams 
Information on Financial Scandals 

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Currency And Trade Areas

Definitions and descriptions of financial terms





Earning Assets Earnings per share Earnings Quality
Easy-Off Easy Money Earning Power
Economic Indicators EE Savings Bonds Effectiveness
Effective Interest Method Efficiency Efficient Market Hypothesis
Elastic Currency Electronic Fund Transfer Act Encumbrance
Endorse Endorsed Bond Endorsee
Endorsement Endorsement in blank Endorsement in full
Endorser Equal Coverage Equation of Exchange
Equities Equity Equity Conversion
Equity Earnings Equity Funding Equity Method of Accounting
Eurocurrency Eurodif Eurodollars
European Monetary System European Payments Union Evergreens
Exchange Rate Exchange Restrictions Exchanges
Exchanges for clearinghouse Ex-Coupon Ex-Dividend
Exempt Security Exhaust Price Expectations of Interest Rates
Expected Value Expiration Date Export Letter of Credit
Extended Bond Extension Bond External Bond
Extraordinary Item


Face Value Factor Failures
Fair Market Value Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Fair Return Fangs Federal Funds
Federal Funds Market Federal Intermediate Credit Banks
Federal Reserve Act Federal Open Market Committee
Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank Notes Federal Reserve Credit
Federal Reserve Notes Federal Reserve Board Regulations
Federal Reserve Ratio Federal Reserve Statement Federal Reserve System
Fedwire Fee Fee Simple
Fiat Money Fictitious Payee Fiduciary Capacity
Fiduciary Currency Finance Finance Bill
Financial Brokers Financial Disclosure Requirements
Financial Indicators Financial Instruments:  Recent Innovation
Fails Financial Intermediary Financial Magazines
Financial Markets Financial News Financial Planning
Financial Reporting Financial Responsibility Financial Risk
Financial Solvency Financial Service Corporations
Financial Statements Financial Statement Analysis Financier
Fineness First-Class Paper Fiscal Year
Fixed Assets Fixed Assets Test Fixed Capital
Fixed Charges Fixed Cost Fixed Income
Fixed Liabilities Float Floating Capital
Floating Charge Floating Debt Floating Discount Rate
Floating Price Rate Floating Rate Notes Floating Supply of Securities
Floor Floor Planning Finance Floor Trader
Floor Trading Flower Bonds Fluctuation
Foreclosure Forecasting Financial Requirements
Foreign Bills of Exchange Foreign Bondholders Act of 1933
Foreign Bonds Foreign Corporation Bonds Foreign Deposits
Foreign Government Bonds Foreign Investment Foreign Trade
Forfaiting Foreign Transactions and Operations Accounting
Forged Instruments Forgery Forward Contract
Forward Movement Foundations Freddie Mach
Free Bonds Freehold Free Market
Free Trade Free Trade Zone Free Working Capital
Frozen Account Frozen Credits Full Disclosure
Fundamental Conditions Funded Debt Funding
Funds Fungible Goods Funny Money
Future Amount Future Interest Futures
Futures Market Futures Trading Terms:  Glossary
Future Value




Import Letter of Credit Improvement Bonds Imputed and Implicit Costs
Inactive Account Inactive Market Inactive Post
Inactive Securities In and Out Income Bonds
Income Capital Certificate Income Effect Income Redistribution
Income Return Inconvertible Paper Money Incorporated Trustee
Indemnity Bond Indenture Indeterminate Bonds
Indexing Indicated Yield Indifference Curve
Individual Banker Individual Deposits Industrial Bonds
Industrial Collateral Industrial Revenue Bonds Inflation
In-Kind Transfers Input-Output Table Insider
Insider Trading Insider Trading and Securities Fraud Enforcement Act of 1988
Installment Bonds Insider Trading Sanctions Act of 1984
Instrument Instrumentality Insufficient Funds
Insured Bank Intangible Assets Interchangeable Bonds
Interest Interest Balance Interest Bearing Securities
Interest Coverage Ratio Interest Rate Swap Interest Tables
Interim Certificates Intermarket Trading System Intermediate Credit Banks
Internal Bonds Internal Rate of Return International Banking
International Clearinghouse International Banking Department
International Debt Problem International Credit Insurers Union
International Securities International Gold Movements International Monetary Fund
International Money Orders International Trade Administration
Investing International Trade Commission
Investment Investment Banker Investment Banks
Investment Barometers Investment Company Investment Credit
Investment Income Investment Market Investment Risks
Investment Securities Investment Methods and Strategies
Investor Invisible Hand Invisible Imports
Invisible Supply Invoice Irredeemable Bonds
Irredeemable Debenture Irredeemable Paper Money Irregularities
Issue Issue Price













Zero-Coupon Bonds and  Zero-Coupon Convertible

  1. Terms of Privately Placed Debt Contracts

  1. Borrowers in the Private Placement Market

  1. Lenders in the Private Placement Market

  1. Private Placements, the Theory of Financial Intermediation and the Structure of Capital Markets

Part 2:  Secondary Trading, the New Market for Rule 144A Private Placement and the Role of Agents

  1. The Rule 144A Market

  1. The Role of Agents

Part 3:  Special Topics

  1. The Recent Credit Crunch in the Private Placement Market

  1. The Current and Prospective Roles of Commercial Banks


  1. Definition of Private Placement, Resales of Private Placements, and Additional Information about Rule 144A

  2. The Market for Privately Placed Equity Securities

  3. Legal and Regulatory Restrictions on Bank Participation in the Private Placement Market

  4. Historical Data on Issuance of Private Debt

  5. A Review of the Empirical Evidence on Covenants and Renegotiation

  6. An Example of a Private Placement Assisted by an Agent

  7. Estimates of Issue-Size and Maturity Distributions

  8. Borrower Substitution between the Public and Private Markets

Click here to download The Economics of the Private Market in .pdf format

Using Subordinated Debt as an Instrument of Market Discipline
Source: Federal Reserve
1.  Why a Subordinated Debt Policy?

2.  Evidence on the Potential Market-Discipline Effects of Subordinated Debt

3.  Analysis of the Key Characteristics of a Subordinated Debt Policy

4. Conclusion


A.  Members of the Federal Reserve System Study Group on Subordinated Notes and Debentures 
B.  A Summary of Interviews with Market Participants 
C.  Avoiding Subordinated Debt Discipline 
D.  Macroeconomic Effects of Mandatory Subordinated Debt Proposals 
E.  Treatment of Subordinated Debt in Risk-Based Capital 
F.  The Argentine Experience with Mandatory Bank SND

General Rules and Regulations promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933

Rule 901 General Statement 
Rule 902 Definitions
Rule 903 Offers or Sales of Securities by the Issuer, a Distributor, Any of Their Respective Affiliates, or Any Person Acting on Behalf of Any of the Foregoing; Conditions Relating to Specific Securities
Rule 904 Offshore Resales 
Rule 905 Resale Limitations
Rule 135e  Offshore Press Conferences, Meetings with Issuer Representatives Conducted Offshore, and Press-Related Materials Released Offshore
General Rules and Regulations promulgated under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
Rule 14d-1 Scope of and Definitions Applicable to Regulations 14D and 14E

Final Rule:  Offshore Offers and Sales (Regulation S)