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Average Loan And Balance File 
Source: Encyclopedia of Banking & Finance (9h Edition) by Charles J Woelfel
(We recommend this as work of authority.)

A card file or book customarily kept by banks to show each customer's average daily or monthly loans and deposits over a period of, say, 10 years.  The information posted on these cards is obtained from the depositors' ledgers and the loan and bills discounted ledgers.  It furnishes a quick and convenient means of obtaining important information concerning depositors' accounts, e.g., (1) amount of average deposits and loans as a measure of profitableness; (2) the average balance as a measure of possible borrowing power when applying for a loan; (3) whether the average balance is in proportion to loans (usually 20% average balance is required to be maintained against loans); and (4) whether the deposit balance is increasing or decreasing.

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