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Understanding Financial Markets & Instruments
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Markets
    Chapter 2: The Equity Market
    Chapter 3: The Money Market and Instruments
    Chapter 4: The Capital Market and Instruments
    Chapter 5: The Foreign Exchange Market
    Chapter 6: Derivatives - Futures
    Chapter 7: Derivatives - Options
    Chapter 8: Specialised Interest Rate Derivatives
    Chapter 9: Valuation and Accounting of Financial Instruments and Derivatives
    Chapter 10: Derivatives - Hedging Techniques
        Appendix 1: Example of a bond
        Appendix 2: Example of a share certificate   
        Appendix 3: Example of JSE stock information screen 
        Appendix 4: Example of securities transfer form  
        Appendix 5: Example of broker's note  
        Appendix 6: Example of dealer's transaction note 
        Appendix 7: Example of BA  
        Appendix 8: Example of negotiable certificate of deposit 
        Appendix 9: Example of a treasury bill  
        Appendix 10: SAFEX contract specifications 
        Appendix 11: Example of futures daily cash flow statement 
        Appendix 12: Example of option agreement


A Guide to Offshore Trusts and International Financial Planning

Trading and Capital-Markets Activities Manual

Section Topic
1000 Examination Policy
1000 Preparation for Examination
1010 Organizational Structure
2000 Trading Activities
2000 Overview of Risk Management in Trading Activities
2010 Market Risk
2020 Counterparty Credit Risk and Pre-settlement Risk
2021 Counterparty Credit Risk and Settlement Risk
2030 Liquidity Risk
2040 Operations and Systems Risk (Management Systems)
2050 Operations and Systems Risk (Front-Office Operations)
2060 Operations and Systems Risk (Back-Office Operations)
2070 Legal Risk
2100 Financial Performance
2110 Capital Adequacy
2120 Accounting
2130 Regulatory Reporting
2140 Regulatory Compliance
2150 Ethics
3000 Capital-Markets Activities
3000 Investment Securities and End-User Activities
3010 Interest-Rate Risk Management
3020 Securitization and Secondary-Market Credit Activities
3030 Future Brokerage Activities and Future Commission Merchants
4000 Instrument Profiles
4000 Introduction
4005 Federal Funds
4010 Commercial Paper
4015 Repurchase Agreements
4020 U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds
4025 U.S. Treasury STRIPS
4030 Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities
4035 U.S. Government Agency Securities
4040 Structured Notes
4045 Corporate Notes and Bonds
4050 Municipal Securities
4055 Eurodollar Certificates of Deposit
4105 Asset-Backed Securities and Asset-Backed Commercial Paper
4110 Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
4205 Australian Commonwealth Government Bonds
4210 Canadian Government Bonds
4215 French Government Bonds
4220 German Government Bonds
4225 Irish Government Bonds
4230 Italian Government Bonds and Notes
4235 Japanese Government Bonds and Notes
4240 Spanish Government Bonds
4245 Swiss Government Bonds and Notes
4250 United Kingdom Government Bonds
4255 Brady Bonds and Other Emerging-Market Bonds
4305 Foreign Exchange
4310 Forwards
4315 Forward Rate Agreements
4320 Financial Futures
4325 Interest-Rate Swaps
4330 Options
4335 Currency Swaps
4340 Swaptions
4345 Equity Derivatives
4350 Credit Derivatives
4353 Collateralized Loan Obligations
4355 Commodity-Linked Transactions