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13 Apr 2024

Gold Bars for sale

Gold Bars for sale from a well known supplier in the United States

1KGS Bars for sale Purity 99.99% ( minimum 10 KGS) Starting price is $771,838.90

(Plus BK fee of $2000/per KG) No outside procedures will be accepted.

Payment must be upfront , we can deliver to brinks vault, We ship via USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Which carrier we use depends on the contents of your order. We offer expedited shipping for a surcharge and can accommodate PO boxes & and military addresses as well. Since our fulfillment center is located within the Las Vegas Airport, we are able to load many shipments directly onto carrier planes, making delays, theft, or general losses extremely unlikely.

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31 Mar 2024

We now accept Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and other Precious Metals with a GIA Certification and a Safe Keeping Receipt. Note: Hard assets should be located in the USA or UK
Min value is 150 M

Procedure is simple and fast. They have to be qualified first with KYC, GIA & SKR. This is private placement dealing directly with our platform.

Nothing spending upfront expense, we cover appraisal, insurance expenses by our side if they are qualified and we reimburse all expenses we spend from the 1st payout. All lead time estimates 4-5 weeks to get paid the 1st payout if the owner is serious and cooperative

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12 Dec 2023

We offer on regular base 22Ct Gold Doré bars
Only to direct buyers or their mandates
Min Qty start at 50 KG
Monthly shipments possible

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21 Nov 2023

Seeking Joint Venture Partners for Gold Undertaking. We have a concession with 162,000 ounces of dore gold. We need to raise $12,000,000 on a long term basis. For now, we are seeking only seed capital: U.S. 575K. we can negotiate returns debt/ equity. No upfront fees, no SBLCs, No Insurance wraps. We are seeking principals who understand the gold sector. One could ultimately earn venture capital returns. Our managements team has experience in the gold sector and we must secure equipment and operating capital ASAP. Although we are from the states, our gold mining activities are in West Africa.

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21 Oct 2023

Gold Bullion for Prime Gold Buyers Only
200MT Minimum Lift Approx (USD$12 Billion)
Per Warehouse purchase available (Purchase of the Sellers complete Bullion Inventory) Subject to Contract
Export Ready
Bank Vault Storage (With Saving's of approx USD$380 million to buyer)
Buyers Observers allowed
Assay/Transport Charges Paid by Seller
Seller Utilizes Executive level Bank Officers
In Bank Escrow and Closing
Table Top Meetings available
Direct Buyers or Buyer and their direct Intermediary Only

Contact for availability and further information

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8 May 2023

Precious Metals, gold au

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10 Apr 2023

Product: Gold Dore Bars For Sale
Purity: 96-98%+
Quantity: 50-500kg
Carats: 23+
Price: $43,000 to $46,000 depends on how many kgs
Cash and carry only
Origin: Guinea, Conakry

Travelling and meetings are required when necessary.

Please advise if you are a buyer, If not, we will sincerely appreciate any referrals. Brokers commission is protected

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21 Mar 2023

is the most secure gold investment app in India, allowing you to almost daily save and invest small sums of money online in gold. A far safer investment option with the potential to build your wealth is gold. You can start investing in gold with Spare8 in a safe and secure manner. With just one 500 USD, you can start investing here without encountering any unnecessary difficulties.

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18 Jan 2023

This is for the Real Buyers/ Investor/ Equity Partner.
USA based company with offices in West Africa. Gold and Diamonds
Partner up with us and let's move Tons.

Available now 100kg Dore or Contract for 1MT for 12Months. NO TIME WASTERS

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18 Jan 2023

1 to 3MT Available in Kenya.
Dore AU for Serious Buyer/ Partner NO broker chains!
You Buy We Fly! Let's Chat. If you are not serious, Please don't waste our time!

Min 500kg up 3MT over contact terms!

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24 Aug 2022

Gemstone offer: Carbonado Diamond
Quantity: 1,500 Carat
Price offer: $70/Carat
Minimum size per piece: 10carat: up to 50carat per piece and above.
Hardness on Moh scale: 12
Monthly supply ability: 10,000Carat.
Export option: Negotiable

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10 Jun 2022

Gold Dust and Bullion Offer Available About Africa we have gold powder and ingots.
We are miners living in West Africa and we were looking for partners for the gold business.
The characteristics of our products:

Nature: 22 karat alluvial gold
Purity: 97.80%
Quality: powder and ingots
Origin: West Africa
Price: $30,000

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25 Apr 2022

Seeking 10 million for capital injection to purchase dore gold on a CIF basis through West Africa (Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Mali. Just returned from Ghana and WSierra leone, I am thoroughly convinced there is ample gold to be purchased. We use the CIF methodology. We have relationships with U.s. based refineries and U.S. Customs Brokers and we do things properly. Everything we do is in writing. Nevertheless, the secondary gold sector in West Africa is not for the "faint of hearts" In short, if you do not know what you are doing, you will lose your shirt. After we are convinced the funder is real, we will provide contracts, financial projections, and other documents to show we are real and that we know what we are doing. We are NOt interested in upfront fees, Sblcs, or insurance wraps. We are interested in wealthy, high net individuals who simply want to stay rich and diversify their holdings. Please reach out to us via email.

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31 Mar 2022

CIF Gold Bars Seller Supplier Switzerland
We supply gold bars with good price.

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29 Mar 2022

Gold Sales
We are able to supply reasonable quantities of gold to any refineries in the world with very workable terms.
Quantities usually start at 100kgs and can be worked into an annual contract with higher quantities.

If you have genuine buyers please do not hesitate to contact us.

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12 Mar 2022

Buyer seeking metric tonnes of gold.. Need Seller to issue FCO then buyer will add bank officer information.

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21 Jan 2022

We have gold for sale

Au gold dust ,Gold dore

Quality ....22 carat
Purity ........96+
Price.......... $30,000usd per kg
Quantity......... 500kg
Origin Burkina Faso
The location of the gold stock==== Cotonou-Benin
Supply capacity per Month 50kg
First trial shipment is 10 to 100kg

Condition: Buyer pay the cost of shipment of the gold from sellers
country to his destination for assay.

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23 Nov 2021

sell gold bar and gold dust as below:

Product .....Gold Bar
Quality... 22 carat
Purity ......91.6%
Price .....$26,000usd per kg
Origin ...Burkina Faso

Condition... Buyer pay the cost of shipment of any quantity of the gold he want to buy from us then we ship the gold to him.

Or if you can find us gold buyers ,I will give you commission $2000usd per kg after sales.

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14 Nov 2021

We can offer Gold for Crypto or offer Crypto for Gold

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11 Oct 2021

We are Int Gold Mandate. Certificate upon request with 100 kg trial + contract gold bars 98~99.6%purity23k$45,800 /kg & further discount for SERIOUS Buyer
FOB or CIFOrigin: Mali, Ghana, Burkina-West Africa

Embassies' trade attaches or commercial staff, SGS visits, sampling welcome after FCO signature-acceptance& ID copy.
Principal 2 Principal ONLY

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8 Oct 2021

Seeking legitimate U.S. based gold buyers. 5% discount. We will will move the gold to U.S. , comply with U.S. Customs and delivery it to mutually agreed upon refinery. We simply need purchase orders to hypothecate.

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19 Sep 2021


World's Largest Un Cut Emerald
57,000 Carats 25 Pounds List 88M USD (Best Offer)
The buyer of the usd 88m un cut Emerald, will get 5 years of first right refusal of whatever comes out of the 350 square miles of virgin mines

Black Diamond
Description: Natural Diamond
Shape and Cut: Round Brilliant
Weight: 24.00 Carats
Measurements: 19.56-19.69-9.5 mm
Color: Black
IGI Valuation usd 20,000,000 (Best Offer)

GIA Certificate - Red Wonder jeweller's Cross price usd 60m (Best Offer)

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15 Aug 2021

Looking for direct sellers of all types of gold
with swiss procedures only. send your procedures

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5 Aug 2021

Inground and Hard Assets Monetizing
World Wide
Gold Mines
Diamond Mines
Jewels, Rubies, Blue Topaz
Fine Copper Wire Isotope
Nickel Wire
Guaranteed Highest LTV
If you have assets you to be monetized give us a try satisfaction guaranteed

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6 Jul 2021

Our client has rough diamonds available in Belgium
Looking for financially and technically capable and experienced buyers

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19 Jun 2021

I am representing several buyers for Gold Bullions. Of interest are offers from 500 kg to 5000 kg/month. The delivery & payment procedures are negotiable but have to comply with the Good Delivery Practices.

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2 Jun 2021


Contract Information

1.Product: Aurum Utalium(AU) Gold Bars – 1.0 kilogram/12.5kg/25kg bar form
2.Quantity: 1,000MT
3.Price: LME, Gross -25%/ Net -22%, FOB ASWP (commissions inclusive)
4.Hallmark: LS Nikko (LS Nikko Korea)
5.Purity: 999.5/1,000 (99.95%)
6.Location: Private Warehouse
7.Payment: Buyer immediately makes payment to the seller’s designatedbank account by MT 103(TT wire) AFTER receiving the inspection byyour Brinks/Valex or other inspection team in South Korea. All goldrelated documents will be provided at the time of inspection in Buyer’schosen location.
8.Smelting period: Less than five (5) years or over 5 years (some pallets)
9.Commission: NCNDA IMFPA Application (3%)
10.1.5% to Buyer’s Side (Open) and 1.5% to Seller’s Side (Closed)

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20 May 2021

Gold Dore Bars for Sale
300kg a month Contract
LME Minus Gross 20%, Net 16% to Buyer

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12 May 2021

We have Metal account with a licensed refinery in Africa and we are looking for Partners interested in purchasing gold together with us

* we need only payment of taxes and freight into our metal account
* refinery will do assay and arrange all legal export documents to your indicated refinery
* you pay according to the assay report of your refinery and deduct what you already paid or you send for new shipment

You can start with small shipments between 5kg-20 Kg to increase upto 100 kg-200 kg per month ,can be in several deliveriess

Please only react if you have the means and possibilities to work accordingly and identify yourself when you contact us.

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17 Feb 2021

Interested in a Collectible Silver & Gold Business Opportunity which has been operating for 4 years in the USA??
This Company has excellent credentials and an A+ BBB rating with sound management.

Available in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand ONLY.
Low entry cost of just US499 at the Premium Level which includes products and monthly product purchase option too.
Our products were sent by Fedex the day following purchasing.
You make an income from introducing the opportunity to others and there is an excellent support structure in place. Just two people introduced can build you a sound business.

Could be an excellent complement to your Business while you may be waiting for larger deals to close.

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