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General information
We list various requests for financial instruments, project financing and investments that we receive from visitors to our EagleTraders.com web site, for you to follow up.

It is important to note that permission has been granted to list these requests on this web site. We will never list any request or information we receive via email on this page without permission from the person that submitted the request. We value your privacy.

The requests are sorted under the following headings:
Financial Instruments, Project Financing, Precious Metals, Investments, Real Estate Investments, Commodities and General.

The tables provide the following information:
Date that the request is published on the web site.
The actual request (we reserve the right to summarise long requests)
The email address of the person that can be contacted regarding the request.

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In order to submit a request you need to complete the form on our web site. If you submit the request from within the member section (after you have logged on), a graphic " " will be displayed at your request, indicating that the request was made by a member.

We strongly suggest that you use a general (free) email address that can be obtained from www.hotmail.com, www.yahoo.com, www.msn.com etc. This will ensure that your identity remains private.

Should you wish to withdraw from our service of publishing your request on our web site, you can do one or all of the following:

  • You can cancel your general email address at any time or just leave it to expire without downloading any messages.
  • You can also request us by email if you wish to cancel your listing on our web site. We will then delete your listing with the next update.

You are therefore in total control and in the position to decide which of the emails you receive you want to answer or ignore all together.

You will only receive email relating to your request by subscribed members to EagleTraders.com as only they will have access to your email address. (Your email address will not be provided on the general open section of the web site to protect you from receiving unwanted spam email etc).

As we have no control over the information or services offered by our members, we do not take any responsibility for the actions of our members. We provide this facility in good faith, as a service to our visitors and members. This service may be compared with an "online dating service" where it is up to yourself to ensure your safety though certain checks before you meet your "date" in person.

We reserve the right not to publish requests that we deem to be unfit for publication and we do not need to provide reasons for not publishing these requests.

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Our subscribed members are not associates, brokers, investors of EagleTraders.com and they act in their own capacity and in their own name. EagleTraders.com provide the requests and contact information in good faith but take no responsibility for the correctness or legitimateness of the information.

View the following requests:

Financial Instruments | Project Financing | Precious Metals | Investments | RealEstate Investment | Commodities | General

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