Member Area and Registration process

You will benefit from the extensive information on the following that is not available in the general web site:

  • Obtain contacts for financial transactions

    Every week we update our "Leads & Request" section with new information.  You can benefit by the numerous contacts we provide in the "Lead / Request" section where visitors to our web site can list a request on the web site for you to follow up. You may just be able to do that transaction or "meet" that trader or financial advisor that you were always seeking.

    The information is presented under the following headings:

    • Negotiable Financial Instruments
    • Investments
    • Precious Metals and Stones
    • Project Financing
    • Commodities
    • Real Estate Investment
    • General

    After the weekly update is done, we email the week's "Leads & Request" information out though our newsletter.

    Only the Members will be able to see the contact email address of the person that made a request and thus be able to establish contact. See Requests for more information.

    We give better exposure to our member's requests by listing them with a special indicator to indicate that the "Lead or Request" is from a member.  Member requests are also listed at the top of all the information each week.

  • Negotiable Financial Instruments

    Some of the pages under the Negotiable Financial Instruments section only provide limited information while the complete documents are available in the Member Area.

  • What about High Yield Investments and Bank Debentures?

    Is it real and if so, how can I benefit?  Can I make money or will I loose money?  Answers are provided in the member section only.  Please do not invest in High Yield Investments and Bank Debentures before you have studied the information in the member section.

  • Forms for transacting in Financial Instruments

    Some of the pages under the Forms section only gives the first part of the particular forms. The complete forms are available in the Member Area.

  • Information

    Some of the pages under the Information section only provide limited information while the complete documents are available in the Member Area.  Exclusive to the Member Area is also a section on Rules and two manuals (Manual 166: "The Economics of the Private Market" and Manual 172: "Using Subordinated Debt as an Instrument of Market Discipline") from the Federal Reserve.

  • Bookshop

    The complete "Trading and Capital-Markets Activities Manual" from the Federal Reserve is provided.

Registration Process

The registration process is quick and easy and consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Register as a member by supplying a user name and password and accept the terms and conditions.

  • Step 2: Supply your personal information. This information will be used by us to keep you informed by email on all Membership and web site update issues.

  • Step 3: Payment through secure facility (Paypal).

    (If you do not have a credit card you can use the alternative payment option by clicking here.)

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The current annual membership fee is only $69 (United States Dollar).

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