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Information on Financial Scandals  
(Source: Roy Davis)

This page contains links to important sources of information on financial scandals, corruption and fraud, miscellaneous articles on this topic, organisations providing advice and useful sources for further research.

General Sources on Corruption or Alleged Financial Wrong-Doing

Offshore Business News & Research OBNR provides offshore business information on companies and individuals operating in countries where independent and accurate information is often difficult to obtain. Since the launch of its investigative newsletters in February, 1997, the company has exposed numerous frauds in the Bermuda-Caribbean region.

The Independent Banking Advisory Service IBAS exists to give advice to people who are having problems with banks in Britain.

National Association of Bank/Insurance Customers An independent self help group for all private and commercial users of UK bank and insurance services.

National Westminster Bank Fraud A web site created by Umang Malhotra to publicise his disputes with the National Westminster Bank.

Corruption et criminalité économique A large selection of links from the Strategic Road site which also covers many related topics. There are also details of books in French on corruption. An Interactive Online Magazine and E-mail service site with a mission to expose the underbelly of Wall Street.

Internet Scambusters A free electronic newsletter on Internet-based scams. The site has links to other relevant sites.

Yahoo Internet Fraud links

Frauds and Scams Information from the Investor Guide web site.

Quatloos Directory of Scams & Traps Various categories of common financial scams are explained.

Magazines, Journals and Books

News items often have only a fleeting existence on the Web. No doubt there was information about the Maxwell's pension fund scandal on WWW soon after the news broke but there seems to be very little available now. To find links to items concerning relatively recent developments in financial matters use a database of journal articles. Many such databases are restricted to members of institutions which pay a subscription for access but there are some which are generally available to anyone.

NlightN Universal Index As mentioned above in the section on Usenet News, NlightN includes a number of databases of magazine articles and the fees are modest.

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