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We provide the following leads from requests received through our web site and they are listed according to the date that the request is published on this web site.

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= Request by Member after 1 October 2004
Date published
11 December 2004 Financial Services available:
Project financing available for clients with hard assets such as buildings and/or bank instrument that is issued or can be issued without need for any bank commitment letter.
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11 December 2004 Please email me regarding several International Development projects.
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4 December 2004

We don't get involved with projects who have less than $100mm in equity, therefore the project must be in excess of $100mm No upfront fee's, retaineer fee, only at closing.
Items needed for submission (via email is better)
1) a short Executive summary on project
2) detail use of funds
3) EBITDA numbers for 5 years or until the income stream gets steady
(Earnings Before interest taxes depreciation and amortization)
4) Short resumes on key personnel
Reason for not given exposure of our lender. we will review your executive summary and after our the manager director will response within 48hrs.
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4 December 2004 I need funding of 70 mill for 45 days which I can pay back 2x the amount borrowed, a proforma is available on request.
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26 November 2004

Seeking collateral provider to support project. Have lender that is ready to move immediately.
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20 November 2004

We are a financial service company affiliated with a leading U.K group. We are looking for the direct lenders for Project finance in Middle East especially in Iran. We are situated in Dubai covering whole Middle East. We are also looking for discount of 360 days LCS at competitive rates by the Banks and direct Lenders. We are interested in building relationship with Finance Houses, Bank and Lenders to develop products for the markets metnioned above. Kindly contact us.
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20 November 2004

Request is for $100-million USD, to begin work on a new damn and/or power plant in Asia. The funds will be used as part of the cash requirement for the govenment. The new structure is being financed 75% by the government, the govt. has all guarantess in place but requires that 1/4 of the funds come from outside sources to begin.
We have direct contact with the Asian government to bring this funding, will present more details later.
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12 November 2004 Our client has been authorized to carry out a large project in china by there government.
They have a joint venture agreement with Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclay and a Swiss Bank.
The US Fed has agreed to the Project.
The total project amounts to $ 340 Billion.
The fore-mentioned banks are ready and willing to provide the project funds by cash against the MTN.
The consortiam Banks shall provide cash funds with 100% of the face value to the MTN Provider.
The initial amount they are looking for is $5 Billion by way of a MTN.
The clients involved are very eager to proceed as quickly as possible, this is due to the time scale of the project etc.
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12 November 2004 Goodie Com is one of the up and coming cellular product distributors in Uganda. Goodie Com is a consumer-focused enterprise that successfully competes in a large competitive and fast growing market. From our head office in Mbarara, Uganda, we control the supply chain of various mobile phone brands into and across Western Uganda and the whole country.

We utilize agents in major towns in Uganda and are in the process of placing our own sales force into the key regions of the Great Lakes region of Africa. We deal directly with cellular service providers and select stores countrywide in the retail focus area of our business. Goodie Com is recognized as one of the leading procurement, sales and marketing force of cellular products and accessories in Uganda.


The Goodie Com vision began in 1997 with Owomugisha Don Edgar, and has grown from strength to strength. Originally a distributor of Japanese vehicles to the Ugandan market, Goodie Com registered and began operating as a cellular products company in May 1998. Over the years, Goodie Com has successfully grown to one of the acknowledged market leaders in this region.

We have represented a number of leading distributors and manufacturers in Europe, Asia and South.

This year Goodie Com has ventured again with Creationz Advertising + Marketing to provide marketing, advertising services, promotion and brand consultations to enhance our market share in the cellular products range in the East African region.

The team support and working ethics cultivated by the directors and lived by every employee has brought Goodie Com much success.

From a vision…. Has come the reality of an industry leading retail powerhouse.,. known as Goodie Com.

However, its a very known thing that every growing business needs a loan to enable it grow bigger and bigger.

Ugandan banks and any other systems that provide funding charge a very high interest rate which can never be healthy for any business indeed it suffocates the business.

I would like to show you how my business makes money in a very simple illustration.

A gsm Nokia phone model 2100 costs 60 US Dollars on the Dubai market, We have a capacity to sell over 20 phones of that type every day at a price of 100 Us dollars per handset making a profit of over 20 US Dollars per handset after taking off other costs like tax.

We sell over twenty types of phones in our outlets per day therefore avaragely, we sell over 50 mobile phones in our stores therefore at a profit of between 20-15 dollars, we are always able to make profits of over 750 dollars per day. Which is not bad for Ugandan business.

However, we are unable to make such sales regularly as we dont have a stable capital to be used on a very regular basis, that is, we have first always wait and make sales of most of our stock and then re-order more stock from our suppliers in Dubai or South Africa.

I need between 50,000---75,000 US Dollars to facilitate my business. Please give me your conditions.
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12 November 2004 We are searching for project finance facilities for solid and realiable real estate projects for private clients to develop such projects in Brazil and Portugal. Details are available upon request.
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6 November 2004

Credit enhancements * Funding commitments
We offer a proprietary unique method that provides 100% financing of existing or new commercial construction projects. This program eliminates much of the so-called “red tape” associated with conventional or traditional financing.

Clients of good standing with projects of commercial sense

Loan parameters are $10 million with no maximum

Applicants residing in the United States must have an offshore incorporation account for transfer of collateral and funding

International funding available

What We Offer:
FIRST- CREDIT ENHANCEMENT COMMITMENTS worldwide. INTEREST ONLY FOR 10 YEARS. Credit Enhancement Commitments are for top European Bank Instruments (A+ rated 10 year MTN) that offer creditability to financial statement and gives you, the applicant, and the opportunity to obtain the funds required. We have a unique system designed so that the applicant can use the bank instrument as collateral and the bank instrument will retire the principal amount of your loan over the term of the loan. In other words you do not need to pay the loan-capital back from your project.

Credit or Collateral Enhancement Program: We obtain commitments for Collateral Enhancements that are in the form of Major European Commercial Bank Instruments. These instruments are medium term bank notes issued by top European Banks. The minimum amount of the request should not be for less than $1 Million US Dollars. This program is designed so that the applicant requires additional collateral to enhance his financial statement then we certainly can help. For instance, should the applicant require $38 Million (*) USD, commissions included, commitment in the form of a bank instrument, then we will actually obtain a commitment for $100 Million US (Note: This amount is subject to change with market conditions.)

The reason for obtaining this figure is because at maturity the instrument will pay the full-face amount of the instrument. Why? Because the bank instrument (MTN), the medium term note, is a zero coupon bank instrument and creates it’s own internal sinking fund so that the total face amount of the Bank Instrument (MTN), includes the internal increase in value annually or “sinking fund” consideration as well as the amount requested by the applicant. As an example, the applicant has a request for $38 Million U.S. Dollars (*) and we would simply obtain a commitment for $100 Million US (*). The reason is because the 62% (+ or -2%) (*) is the cost of the Bank Instrument (MTN); therefore, the applicant will have a “fall out” of 38% (*) (approximately) of the total amount of the loan. (In the event the applicant desires a loan commitment).

The portion of the requested amount of the loan, (should the applicant desire a loan) $100 Million US, should be an interest only repayment. Remember that the 38 Million (*) should be released to the applicant and with this amount he must pay the commission. The applicant will not be required to repay the principal amount of $100 Million US- that amount, the full principal amount of the loan, will be paid by the bank instrument at maturity. The bank instrument (MTN) will liquidate the entire principal at maturity. Different options can be negotiated between the applicant and the lending institution- we are not the principals- we are brokers or finders only.

Credit Enhancements in the form of Major European Bank Instruments is an excellent method for all additional collateral to secure the investment, but also can be used to upgrade the clients financial profile. Bank Instruments are used as collateral for other Investment Programs. Bank to Bank Delivery is required on all Collateral Enhancements. The Bank Instruments will be delivered through CEDEL OR EUROCLEAR. This provides the receiving bank with the assurance, verification and authentication of “good delivery” execution.

Secondly - International funding commitments:
We are in a position to offer to obtain a commitment to fund your project with the stipulation that a collateral enhancement, bank instrument, commitment has been acquired by the applicant using our “Collateral Enhancement Program”. The Applicant must offer a program/project that will pay the interest on his loan.

Time Frame:
Our programs are executed and generally can be completed within 10 days from start to completion - only 3 days until we deliver the
“Commitment to Obtain the Bank Instrument” and then the Funding Commitment Procedures starts. Which the client can do it himself or he can request our funding source to coordinate to obtain a Commitment to Fund.
**Finally a Collateral and Lending Source In One Location.*
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6 November 2004 Secured Funds Loan to us - US or EURO $100 MM to $500 MM. One year or less. Marinas, Resorts.
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6 November 2004

I am looking for loan $ 100 M USD - against BG ( Bank Guaranty ) ( 100 % face value of the loan + bank ??? intrest ) Pls provide me with your offer I am ready to process.
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23 October 2004 I am a financial consultant based at Bangalore in India. I would like to know more information about arbitrage loans. Can you put through me sources for arbitrage funding sources for some projects being set up in India. This information will be useful to few clients of mine who are charity organisations such as church and some corporate companies who plan to set up power and other infrastructure projects. All these projects are set up Iindia.
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23 October 2004 We need Humanitarian Project Funding:

Municipality of Sonsonate, El Salvador (funds needed USD $400 Mil)

- Wind Mill Power Plants
- Housing
- Humanitarian Projects
- Project Promissory Notes Guaranteed by 8 Municipalities and by Ginna Caliza Mine

3 Projects in Haiti, City of Jacmel, and City of Anse-A-Galets, La Gonave Island: (funds needed USD$ 400 Mil)

- Wind Mill Power Plants
- Housing
- Humanitarian Projects
- AIDS Projects
- Project Promissory Notes Guaranteed by City of Jacmel and Island Cement Quarry
- Guaranteed by City of Anse-A-Galets and Marble Quarry
- Power Purchase Agreements
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23 October 2004 We need Humanitarian Funding on several Projects:

1. 3 Projects in Brazil: City of Itabuna,City of Matinhos, City of Araucaria (funds needed USD$ 400 Million)
- Power Plants
- Water & Sewers
- Housing
- Natural Gas Pipeline
- Humanitarian Projects
- Project Promissory Notes Guaranteed by Graphite Mines
- Power Purchase Agreements

2. City of Retalhuleu, Guatemala (funds needed USD$ 470 Million)
- Wind Mill Power Plants
- Housing
- Humanitarian Projects
- Project Promissory Notes Guaranteed by the City of Retalhuleu and Mina La Estancia 2 mines
- Power Purchase Areements
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23 October 2004 We need financing for a Russian Oil Refinery. The loan will be a 3 year construction loan to construct the refinery. The Loan will e for USD$ 400 Million.
We have collateral:Letter of Guarantee from the Government
96 Promissory notes @ $6,385,725 each. Totaling US$ 613,029,725 Construction site Land is free and clear: Appraised @ US$ 180 Million. Assignment of all Risk Insurance Coverage

In order to proceed we will need a Letter of Interest from a Bank, Lender, or Investor. Once we can get the Letter of Interest, then we can put you in touch with our Bank. It will become a Bank to Bank transaction.
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23 October 2004

We are an US based company acting as agents/mandators and or facilitators for emergent-markets customers. Presently,we are representing interests of a large commodity brazilian exporter with a 240.000MT of soyabeans processing and sales capacity. This customer closed an export sales agreement with a large international importer in the amount of USD10.5M (45000 MT)

As brazilian interest rates are too high,we are trying to find some investor/banker and or lender in order to obtain USD7.5M as a short-term loan(one-year) negotiating and/or discounting CPR(Cedula de Produto Rural=Rural Bond) to be issued by the exporter against the importer or investors. Colateral can be the export-sales contract, plus the CPR's (3x15000MT each) and the soyabean itself, to be delivered and shipped on May,June and July 2005.

Time is of essence. All necessary information about this business proposal are available upon request. Let us know if you can be interested or of assistance.
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16 October 2004

Collateral Provider needed. Have projects that require $150M. I have an international private lender with an LOI in place to fund against acceptable collateral. The CP must deal on a bank to bank basis. The managing director for the lender is available to speak principal to principal. If need be, the loan can be structured to include the cost of the collateral. CP would need to enter into a JVA with my company. I also have the ability to place the funds on behalf of the JV. I am the principal for the projects.
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16 October 2004 I have several clients that are seeking bg's or sblc's for several financing projects that range from 300 milliion up to 6 billion usd ( we are not looking for contract buys only instruments that can used to secured loans with ) If you are ( direct ) to a ( bonified collateral provider, please e-mail me with (Specifics as to what you can provide and the cost involved) and I will have my clients contact you directly.
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16 October 2004

Located in Colorado; A 160 room hotel, two restaurants, 2,000 square feet of meeting space and a casino which presents to the bust approximately 800 gaming devices and 24 table games. The guest is also provided 664 dedicated parking spaces either a parking structure or controlled parking beneath the casino complex.

The owners have the gaming license in place. Seeking funding for $50,000,000 for the first phase. The complete project cost is $220,000,000.USD. Financials and business plan available upon request.
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2 October 2004 Please let me know the details of project financing. Kindly send me the details. I have a number of clients in India with good projects who needs funds. Please reply me thanks.
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2 October 2004 Dear Financiers, We are seeking financing for a telecommunications project. we need US $ 500 Million. Our target market is 800+ Million Consumers. We have a Patented Next Generation Telecommunications Technology. Our patents are worth Billions in US dollars. Our technology can be applied to any and all telecommunications equipment any where in the world, even "totally interactive live tv quality. Kindly contact me and I will send you and executive summary and furhter explain the global potental for our technology.
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2 October 2004 Concept for creating Project Funds on a selfliquidating basis
We are a Venture Capitalist Group, covering the world market. By our NOOC, we offer all serious Projects, having Asset in the form of either Bank Instruments, fresh cut or seasoned, or no less than 10% of the wanted Funds in cash, a smooth and perfectly working Concept.
Briefly explained:
1 You enter your Asset (Collateral/Funds) on an Asset first basis into a JVA
with our Group.
2 Within the frame of a JVA, we are assigned to be Principals and sole/ joint Signatories on a NOOC account, opened by us in a large European Bank.
3 Within the very same Window Time we place a BG of 108% in the NOOC
account and thereby we counterbalance the initial Input.
4 6 international banking days later, we close and settle the NOOC account
A Disbursing 100% of the face value of the Asset if such is a Bank Instrument.
By doing so, we have purchased the rights to the Bank Instrument for the
period up to maturity. One week before maturity, we redeliver the Instrument free from all liens, encumbrances, unpledged and with no claims on it.
B If the Asset is Cash, depending on the amount, we disburse 100% after a
longer handling period from the NOOC. For an initial input of $10M it takes not more than one calendar month to provide $100M as Venture Capital. By placing 50% thereof in a specific repayment Account, the VC gets repaid during a one year period and the deposited 50% is disbursed to the Project.
C If the Project has a Credit Line/Loan granted, then the Lender is to either
place the Funds in a Project Account and issue a CD or Account Statement,
by which the Funds are blocked for the period of time needed to perform under our NOOC. In most cases this seems to be difficult, so therefore we offer the alternative of receiving the Loan Funds into an Account of ours against a Loan and Interest covering one year Bank Guarantee, issued by a large European Bank. The net after costs is then placed in a NOOC and it takes two to four NOOC entries to create the face value of the Loan back to the Project. If treating the net margin in accord with B above the full VC is then converted into a Self Liquidated VC.

In the scenarios the VC is, after one year, compensated by either A or B and the VC is then released from any repayment or interest and therefore is to be regarded as a Self Liquated Free Asset for the Project!
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2 October 2004 Are you currently working with various lending partners? We provide merchant services, credit lines and business loans for expansion, equipment or purchasing a business. We are the premier financing source for smaller and newer businesses who don't want to go to banks for various reasons such as bad credit, no longstanding business history, etc. We also provide large loans up to $10 Million + for established businesses looking to merge or expand. Is this something that might interest you? We welcome anybody who fits in this criteria as well as referrals, which we can give out a healthy percentage.
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27 September 2004 Looking for project financie up to USD 32 million
collateral - (1) 58 acres port project land now valued at USD32 million
(2) Deep sea fishing vessel licences - 150
(3) Port structures & equipment valued at USD 18 million
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27 September 2004 I am ready help you to get Line of Credit ( from $10 M to $600 M USD)against collateral of a Bank Guarantee (BG or SBLC) provided by you or a third party
The collateral Bank Guarantee need to be issued by a top 25 West European bank rated AA or better .
The end result to you ( the client )will be funding of the project, risk free, no money in from you/your client , no assets provided by you as security.

For Example: your loan is 100 M USD - the BG need to be 100% face value of the loan + 5 % interest for a Lender/Bank ( no more ) + My Service Fee you pay from Loan after is activated
I am ready help you to get Line of Credit against collateral of a Bank Guarantee provided by a third party.
We can move forward immediately if that is what you want.
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18 September 2004 Our company needs a financing to develop projects of real estate in a europe country (european community). As collateral we can give bank guarantee (TOP 25 ) Euros 500.000.000,00 ( five hundred millions euros ) and the projects of real estate. We can make also a joint venture with the lender. If you have a real possibility to financing these projets answer me.
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18 September 2004 We are a fully registered Limited Liability Company under the Nigerian Company Act of 1990 with a share capital base of 1million Naira. It is into importation of Pine Woods to produce Home utensils that form the interior decor of the rich, average rich and whoever again that can afford the buy. It has government parastatals is the first-class patrons, as well as the high-brow purchases. To expand this great market at the developmental stage of this nation - Nigeria, Africa, Europe and the Americas as well as the rest of the world, we are seeking for sincere and genuine INVESTORS with at least a minimal capital contribution of not less than US$0.5million and above. Direct participation is paramount and base on Agreed Terms to be covered internationally. Participants will enjoy the facilities as to be agreed upon before startment. We welcome investors through our contact phone/fax/email. Invitation is also highly welcomed either side.");?>
4 September 2004 Require Certificate of Deposit guaranteed loan or Bank Guarantee financing for acquisition. Amount required for acquisition is US$17,500,000.
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4 September 2004 Looking for CP that can provide US Treasuries for project funding Starting at $100mm and Higher. I have a lender whom will fund 90-97% whom I am directly affiliated with the BO. Contact me at as soon as possible. I have over $60 B in projects awaiting funding.
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4 September 2004

We have signed $15 million contract for construction of game village to be hosted in 2006 in west african country.
We are looking for a financier to finance $8- 10 million, ready to provide a bank guarantee from an Islamic bank affiliated to Saudi Islamic Bank. Kindly confirm interest and we will send LOI and details of the project.
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4 September 2004 We have several clients looking for project funding that will be secured by a cash backed Stand-by Letter of Credit(SLC) or Unconditional Bank Guarantees from a Top Ten Western European or North American Bank from our collateral provider. CP wish to deal directly with banking officer or by a written conditional offer based acceptable collateral. Collateral will cover 106% of principal and interest for one year and one day. Our collateral provider has the capabilities of providing neccesary collateral for projects requiring $100mm and above with no maximum. If you are a lender or lender's direct correspondent, please notify me asap we are working with projects well into the billions of dollars with a CP that is proven and RWA.
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28 August 2004 We are a Swiss based investment company affiliated with a metal marekting company and a refinery for Doré bars. We like to invest USD 4 to 6 million into a mining company for expansion or consolidation projects and get in or for exchange a marketing and/or refining opportunity for gold bars or Doré bars. The financial transaction can be set up to fit financial requirements.
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28 August 2004 I currently represent Emerald Corporation, a California corporation composed of health industry professionals looking at a start up venture. We are looking at acquiring via a takeover or a lease to buy option the property and operation of a Community Hospital and a Medical Plaza building located in the San Gabriel Valley in California. The Hospital is an acute care hospital with 49 beds while the Medical Plaza leases clinics to doctors and to an Urgent Care Center operator. The last appraisals of the properties were in 2001. At that time, the hospital was appraised at $3.6MM while the medical plaza was appraised at $910K. An estimate has the current value of both properties at slightly below $6MM. The facilities are fully equipped and immediately (30 days from takeover) operational. The license of the hospital is on voluntary suspension.

The owners/operators of the facilities, after reevaluating the values of properties in the immediate vicinity of the facility decided that the selling price of the same (which would include the license) is about $5MM. The requirement to operate the same is about $800K. Thus, the total investment needed currently is at about $5.8MM to $6MM.

The good news for us is that after aggressive negotiations, the owners/ operators also entertained the possibility for us to enter into a lease to buy option. To do this, any potential lessee should provide for a $2MM capitalization to cover expected operating capital for the first 3 or 4 months of operation and to provide for licensing requirements. This is essentially going to be only show money inasmuch as out of the $2MM, we only expect to utilize a maximum of $800K for operating costs before revenue/ reimbursements are received from which we can pay off whatever it is that we took from the $2MM reserve. With a lease to buy option there would be no collateralization of the properties, however.

By taking over or leasing, we mean, that we am doing it with investors/ lenders.

We do have a business plan and projection that fully supports either options. Assuming that you or your investors treated this transaction as a simple loan, be advised that we intend the loan to be short-term, i.e., no more than 5 years, with no prepayment penalties, and a realistic and acceptable rate. As an investment, you or your investors could either require a fixed return plus a share on the earnings or they can takeover the real estate themselves and contract with our organization to own the license and operate the same. This is basically a start up since the license of the facility has been voluntarily suspended for at least a couple of months now. Receivables are also not factors in this deal. The owners/operators of the facility are not interested in providing historical data and basically the premise by which we are considering this investment is through our studies, business plan, and projection.
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28 August 2004 Financier–Principal Urgently Needed

To fund importation of 20 to 24 shiploads of 5% Broken Long Grain Parboiled 100% Sorted Rice in 50Kg bags from Thailand to Africa’s largest market.

Relationship Structure:
Sole Agent For Africa(SAA)

Trade Overview:
(a)Estimated shipments in 12 months: 500,000mt to 600,000mt (b)Estimated C & F value: US$133m to US$160m (c)Estimated Gross sales profit: 15% - 20% for every shipment / sales.

Simplest and Quickest Sales Method:
For Rice Sales in this market, the Simplest and Quickest Sales Method is by offshore sales to local rice merchants who pay against shipping documents at the collecting bank, while merchants thereafter takeover from that point.

Collecting Bank:
Our company will arrange for the financier-principal (PF) to appoint an American bank, by name: CITIBANK, Nigeria branch whose offices are in Lagos, to serve as collecting / remitting bank.

Our company has arranged with local merchants who are ready, able, and willing to make payments against shipping documents upon arrival of the rice at West African Coast. Being offshore buyers, they will pay all local expenses, excluding charges by collecting / remitting bank which should be deducted from the sales proceeds payable to the to financier-principal at the time of remittances.

Responsibility Of Both Parties:
(a)Financier-Principal will fund the rice imports.
(b)Sole Agent for Africa (SAA) will source the market /coordinate the rice sales.

Proposed Commission To (SAA):
3% to 5% of gross profit:(Difference Between C&F and Offshore Sales Price)

Proof Of Fund:
Financier- Principal will NOT be required to provide (POF).

Transactional Procedure:
(1)Interested individual(s) and corporation(s) should reach us by e-mail so that we can send in our LOI in order for us to proceed with this transaction.

(2)Financier-Principal (FP), upon receipt of the LOI will send by courier to the Sole Agent for Africa (SAA) a signed, letter of Acceptance, presented on their company letterhead sent with draft copies of working / NCND agreement to be executed and returned.

(3)Following the execution of the above clause (2), the FP will instruct their bank to issue a sample form of the guarantee to seller already located in Asia.

(4)Seller will offer comments to FP’s bank to confirm if the guarantee is acceptable.

(5)If acceptable, seller will issue a commitment via their bank indicating that XXX amount of rice will be bought from them and ship to buyer’s instructions base on buyer’s guarantee, and due date the shipment/documents will be XX days from on board.

(6)Shipping documents will be forward to a collecting /remitting bank at destination port city.

(7)Buyer perhaps sells the rice offshore (at destination country’s outside sea port) to local rice merchants who bear all port/local charges, excluding the charges by collecting /remitting bank.

(8)Proceeds will be collected and remitted by the collecting bank, in this instance by CITIBANK, Nigeria branch, Lagos.

(9)Sole Agent for Africa (SAA) will handle the sales, while CITIBANK will keep the shipping documents at their office from where buyers could inspect, and exchange them against cash payment to CITIBANK

(10)After each sales, CITIBANK will pay commission to Sole Agent
for Africa (SAA), and will deduct their service charge while the NET proceeds will be remitted as per Financier-Principal (FP)‘s instructions.

If your company is not capable of funding this import transactions, please do not bother to respond to this listing. Any Broker(s) willing to work with us should contact us with their detailed proposal. No upfront payments are welcomed!
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28 August 2004

We are Financial consultants and we can help you to get fund please contact us.
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28 August 2004 Project Loan Summary
Name: Tropicana garden palms hotel
Rated: five stares
Location: At the city center of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Type of project: hotel & resort
Purchase price: $22,000,000
Amount of land: 100,000.00 m/2
Amount of loan: $40,000,000
Type of loan: bridge
Term of loan: four years with one year rollover
Interest: Negotiable
Points: Negotiable
Appraised land value: $10,000,000
Projected cash flow from the time shares sales: n/a
Projected net profit: 25% to 35% net
Estimates build out time: already functioning
Estimated sell out time: for immediate sale
Estimated cost of entire project: $30,000,000
1. Time Share sales
2. Construction financing
3. Refinancing
4. Sale of stock
5. Permanent loan
6. Joint Venture
7. Sale of partial or entire project
DEVELOPMENT TEAM: The development team has over 30 years of experience around the world, including small to multi-billion dollar projects of every kind; hotels, casinos, high rise condos, airports, railroads, office towers with capabilities of building entire cities ADDITIONAL PROJECTED ANNUAL INCOME:$4,000,000.00
MARKETING STRATEGY: The aforementioned project will be time-shared in all the major cities in Asia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Teipai, Manila, Kula Lumpur, etc. The Marketing Team has over thirty years experience in marketing a wide variety of products across Asia. We shall conduct $10 million dollar golf and big game fishing tournaments for all of the time-share buyers. First prize will be $250,000.00 dollars. $500,000.00 million dollars to divide up among the next 20 golfers. We expect a three year sell-out or much sooner because of the exciting incentives offered to the time-share buyers. If this project is on interest to you, please contact me for details.
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14 August 2004 Anyone there to arrange arbitrage loan for viable infrastructure development of stockyard near port. Project cost is US$7million. Business plan with financial projections ready. Immediate reply needed.
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14 August 2004 We do have an Bank Guarantee from one of the Indian Banks and can be confirmed at London for 2.5 Million US $ . Those who can fund against the guarantee pls contact me.
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14 August 2004 Finance required for a growing chemical business in India. Contact us for further particulars.
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9 August 2004 Lender will fund any project with just 10% down
We are direct correspondents with a licensed California lender who is offering to fund projects worldwide. The lender is backed with the assets of a large gold mine in the state of Nevada, USA. This is a great opportunity for thousands of clients and projects to get funded easily who may have difficulty getting funded any other way.

If you have a project to develop; if you do not have enough funds to start up your project; if you do not have enough money to continue your project, this loan program can solve your financial problem.

This lender offers to fund any project worldwide from USD$250,000 minimum to NO LIMIT. The only two requirements are that the lender must approve the project to be funded after examining the client’s Executive Summary and the client must be able to pay to the lender a 10% down payment.

In cases where the owner of a project does not have the 10% down, he can find an “ANGEL LENDER” who can assist him. Our lender will pay interest of 15% to the “Angel Lender” in 60 days.

If the 10% down payment is borrowed from an “Angel Lender”, the lender will give to the “Angel Lender” a 45 day post-dated check for the return of his/her money. The 10% down payment is also secured with a Promissory Note signed by the lender and the gold mine owner. An affidavit is issued by the lender’s attorney certifying that the gold mine used as collateral guarantee is legitimate and genuine. The 10% down payment is further secured with an eight page legal contract agreement.

After the lender has examined a client’s Executive Summary and has agreed to fund the client’s project and after the lender has received the 10% down payment, the lender will proceed immediately to generate funds for the client’s project.

Funding may take place in installments. The first loan installment will be ready in 30 days to 60 days maximum, 45 days is average. Funding will continue each month until complete funding of the project is finalized.

The loan terms are 3 to 10 years maximum. Grace period is 3 to 6 months. The interest rate is 2.33% annually. The loan payment schedule is worked out with each client on a case by case basis.

This loan program is available to clients worldwide with the exception of embargoed countries. Certain risky areas and loans will not be made for military equipment or any project deemed unethical, immoral or dishonest. The lender reserves the right to accept or reject any project.

With these exceptions ALL other projects and clients will get funded. Everyone will qualify and will get funded as the lender is financially qualified by exploiting the Nevada gold mine and because they have lines of credit. They will enter into a BUY/SELL of Bonds transaction immediately after a borrower has paid his 10% down payment in order to generate the funds for the client’s project.

Note that the 10% down payment is not kept in an escrow account but rather is actively used by the lender to generate the loan funds.

The lender will fund projects in even more difficult areas of the world where other lenders shy away from such as Russia, Eastern Europe, African and South American countries, the Pacific Islands, etc.

All projects qualify. For example: Acquisition and Development of Real Estate, Hospitals, Schools, Houses, Universities, Routes, Developing New Technology, New Business, Expanding Business, Hotels, Casinos, Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Industrial and Construction, Oil Fields, Mining, Agriculture, Movie Production, Medicine, Machinery, Automobile, Protecting Green Areas, Toxic Waste, Garbage Recycling, Water Treatment Plants, Research and Development, etc.

The lender will NOT do a credit check. There will be no prepayment penalty if the borrower wishes to pay the loan of early.

In order to apply for financing from this lender, the borrower must submit to Private Capital Access the four documents:

1. Loan Application (Will get from Private Capital Access)
2. Pro Forma explaining how funds will be used. Keep it simple,one or two pages).
3 Executive Summary (Use the guidelines inside this bulletin to help you prepare your Executive Summary). Will get from Private Capital Access 4.Proof of Funds for the 10% down payment.

If the above documents are mailed we request you send two copies so we do not have to print an extra copy for our files. You may also send them by fax or as an e-mail attachment.

Upon receipt, Private Capital Access will send all documents to the lender for processing.
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9 August 2004 Our company is a global trade and investment company,trading in the name and style of FIRMTRUST LIMITED,registered in Abidjan,Accra,and Lagos.

We should be glad if you could see your way to grant or arrange a loan of US$160 Million for a period of twelve months to enable our company import twenty-four(24) shiploads of Long Grain Parboiled Sortexed Rice in 50 kg bags from Thailand to African Markets.

In demonstrating our ability to repay the loan at the agreed time,FIRMTRUST ROYAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL (FRSI)of California-USA is ready and willing to stand in as Special Vehicle Company(SVC) to FIRMTRUST LIMITED.

By the bove arrangement,FRSI,on behalf of FIRMTRUST LIMITED will exchange Funds with suitable collateral in the form of a Negotiable Bank Guarantee(BG)from top European bank.

The BG shall cover loan principal + interest + total consultant fees.The fees shall be deducted from the loan capital upon funding to FRSI,the Special Vehicle Company that will disburse payment to exporter upon delivery of commodity to FIRMTRUST LIMITED,who sells the rice at the marketplaces in Africa,and remit proceeds thereafter to FRSI who will be responsible for the loan repayment.

It's worthy of note that Proof Of Funds(POF) will NOT be required from lender,and they will NOT need to provide the funds for the loan until they have received,authenticated,and verified the BG,duly placed in their bank.

Believing that you will be interested in this transaction,we request you revert to us(FIRMTRUST LIMITED) by email so that we can send a formal letter to you,properly presented on our company letter head paper,duly signed and stamped with corporate seal.And from that point on,you will have to be contacted by FRSI's U.S consultant in California who will furnish every information and documents you may require,and thereafter have the deal closed on behalf of FRSI.
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9 August 2004 I have a project for 11 billion US Dollars and have contacted 3 banks who are willing to issue the guarantee but I must follow their procedures. These bank are top 100 world banks.
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