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Project finance is the generic term used to describe a project where the debt finance for that project is provided in reliance upon an assessment of the viability of the project. The lender's recourse is usually solely to the cash flow and, if necessary, the assets of the project, including contracts for the supply of raw materials, the sale of the finished product and a host of other arrangements relating to the continuing operation of the project. In contrast to funding the general business activities of a borrower, project finance concentrates on the financial viability of the project and ensuring that it will continue to be robust in any reasonably foreseeable circumstance, rather than placing substantial reliance on the continued creditworthiness of the borrowing entity.

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Successful businesses are well planned and well capitalized.   Being well capitalized, is having the ability to access capital when you need it. Being well planned, will help you to be well capitalized.  

Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy endeavor.   Developing a business plan, requesting funding from strangers and facing the possibility of rejection makes it even harder.  

Usually Corporations and Entrepreneurs benefit by having their business presented to a number of Lenders to which they normally wouldn't have access.

When a facilitator take on the financing of your project, he will not offer you a standardised banking product but financial services tailor-made for your requirements. 

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