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The Executive Summary 

Send only an executive summary (not more than 5 pages) and include the following information:
What is the amount of the loan request?
What is the total cost of the project?  Show how much the client is putting into the deal. We will not look at 100 % financing. Show the form of the equity contribution i.e. land, cash, or other equity, etc.
What is the use of proceeds?  Describe in detail - i.e. purchase land, operating capital, refinance, etc.
What range of interest, terms & points does the client expect?
Submit a proforma or projection of how the client intends to service the debt.
Some brief information on the collateral which will support the loan.
A brief synopsis on the client or management team showing their ability to succeed.
What is the exiting strategy?  Explain how the client intends to pay us off and take us out of the project - i.e. a new loan once the project is completed.

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