Business Plans

When applying for loan funding or venture capital, you are required to submit a business plan on your proposed business. No funder or institution will borrow you money without a well thought through business plan which clearly indicate that the proposed business has high potential. The following links are provided to help you in the compilation of your business plan before you apply for loan of venture capital funding. You will also be able to save time and provide a professional business plan if you use the software as listed below.

Business Plan Basics
Gathering Information For Your Plan
Business Plan Maintenance
Business Plan Mistakes
Design Your Plan to Fit Your Business
Do I need a business plan?
The Essential Contents of a Marketing Plan
Public Relations Marketing
Business Plan Software

Business Plan Pro is the perfect tool for any small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to complete their business plan quickly and professionally, and get on with running their business. The software creates a great looking document for bank managers and loan officers, while helping business owners better understand and grow their business. With over 500 sample business plans included, Business Plan Pro will help you create a business plan that gets results.   Business Plan Pro 2005
Business Plan Pro Premier Edition
Business Plan Pro Premier Edition creates expert business plans. Respected by banks, lenders, and the Small Business Administration, this software includes more detailed financials, advanced cash flow management tools for "what-if" scenarios, and is completely customizable for a powerful planning solution.
  Business Plan Pro Premier 2005

Usefull software that will add value to your business:
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  Business Plan Pro   Business Plan Pro Premier   Marketing Plan Pro