Please use this form to send us your request for publication under the "SPECIAL LISTING" on the web site.  

The "Special Listing" opportunity provides the following benefits:
  • First to be seen on relevant "Leads and Request" page. The presentation of the listing also ensures that it is read by visitors to the page.
  • Gives you greater exposure with subsequent increase in beneficial contacts.
  • Your web site address, email, address, telephone and facsimile numbers are listed for better exposure and faster communication.
  • Your "Special Listing" will appear on the general web site complete with your contact information for everybody to see.
    The normal listings do not have the contact email address in the general web site and only subscribed members are able to see the contact email address. Your "Special Listing" together with your contact information will therefore be viewable by everybody visiting the web site.
  • The "Special Listing" will be published at the top of the relevant "Leads and Request" page for 4 weeks from the date of first publication. The "Special Listing" will also be included in the 4 weekly newsletters that are send out to the newsletter subscribers. The newsletter is currently send out with each Thursday's "Leads and Request" update.

Only one "Special Listing" per topic will be displayed to ensure the "Special Listing" receives optimum exposure.

"Reservation" of a "Special Listing:

  • Complete the "Special Listing Request" form below.
  • We determine the suitability of your information and if suitable reserve the 4 week listing space for you.
  • We notify you that your listing has been accepted for publication and request that you pay an amount of $120 US to our PayPal account. (Non-members pay $150 US).
  • Once the money is shown on PayPal system, your listing will be shown on our web site as soon as space is available. It is working on a first come first basis.

    Use the form below to send us your "Special Listing" detail. We will notify you if the listing is provisionally accepted and provide you with our PayPal details.

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