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U.S. Treasury Securities
(Source: Merrill Lynch)

U.S. Treasury securities offer the highest degree of creditworthiness available. That's why U.S. Treasuries should be the foundation of any well-diversified investment portfolio. If you are building a balanced portfolio to protect you during uncertain times and help you prosper over the long term, U.S. Treasuries merit your most serious consideration.

The Benefits of U.S. Treasuries

U.S. Treasury securities offer a combination of advantages that you will find in no other investment.

  • A High Degree of Safety - The timely payment of interest and principal at maturity on U.S. Treasury securities is guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States.

  • An Uncomplicated Investment - It's easy to understand Treasury securities, and their simplicity can be very reassuring in today's complex financial world.

  • Locked-In Interest Rates - Since most Treasury securities cannot be called or redeemed before their final stated maturity date, you can lock in an interest rate for the full term of the security.

  • Liquidity - U.S. Treasuries are the most liquid fixed-income instruments in the world.

  • Selection - With the wide range of Treasury maturities in the secondary market, it's easy to find the maturities and coupon rates that suit your precise needs.

  • Tax Advantage - Interest on U.S. Treasuries is exempt from state and local income taxes.

Treasury Securities at a Glance

There are three different categories of Treasury securities: bills, notes and bonds. Bills are issued in maturities of three months, six months and one year. Notes have original maturities ranging from two to ten years, and bonds are issued with 30-year maturities.

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