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Cashing negotiable instruments 

Standby Letters of Credit, Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Certificates of Deposit, Bonds--Gov, Brady's, Money & Capital market instruments, Bank instruments, Medium-Term notes (With a minimum face value/par of US$5 Million)

"Lower Grade" instruments can usually be discounted, eg, those issued by SBERBank of Russia and those issued by certain Asia-Pacific banks BNI etc...Please note Asia-Pacific banks must be "confirmed" by a major U.S./ U.K. bank.

Usually it is preferred to deal directly with the Seller, his bank or lawyer.

General sound discounting procedures

  • A clean, clear copy of Instrument, Swift or Screen print out should be supplied/faxed to us to check verbiage before any bank co-ordinates can be supplied,,

  • Normally if. the issuing bank has a key tested telex established with our banks or their respectful correspondence banks, a K.T.T procedure of sending the instrument is preferred only if no possible K.T.T link is found a Swift of the instrument is required.

  • If swift procedure is used,instructions for "SWIFT 199" should be given to issuing Bank.

  • For instruments issued in the United States of America using our United States banks no K.T.T or Swift is required as they use a inter-bank banking system, either straight telex or com-bank.

  • For banks issuing instruments outside of United States of America but using a U.S. bank to send the instrument, "Will only be verifying and authentfying they have received the instrument for further transmission to the buying bank. Guaranteeing playability on the maturity of the instrument has to come from the issuing bank.

  • Once a K.T.T, Swift (or any other system used by banks In the U.S.A.) is sent we must have a clean, clear copy of the message so we can follow it with our bank to issue payment in accordance with the invoice as quickly as possible, otherwise it takes approximately five banking days before we are notified as the banks receive at least a thousand K.T.T.s and Swift messages per banking day.

  • Payment of invoice will be within 24 International banking hours, after our bank authenticates anti credits the instrument into our account.

  • Original copy of the instrument will be sent to our bank by a bonded bank courier officer within 7 banking days or by electronic transfer.

Usually the following minimum information is required:

For instruments not on one of the screening services

  • A complete front and back extract of the text.

  • The Issue Date.

  • The Maturity Date.

  • The issuing bank.

  • The transaction bank. If more than one bank is involved then the lead bank's details.

  • An indication of the required price.

For instruments on one of the screening services 

  • Just send the look up numbers or a clean, clear copy of the screen EUROCLEAR, BLOOMBERG, etc...

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

This is not a solicitation but rather for informational purposes only, and shall not in anyway be considered a solicitation for investment funds nor sale of securities for investment nor solicitation of any type.

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