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General Margin Requirements 

Here is a list of the different types of securities you can usually trade on margin, along with other essential margin information. Please note that these numbers can change without prior notification.

Equity Securities
Security Value Loan Value
Equities $2.49 and less no loan value
Equities $2.50 and over 50% of market value
Option eligible* securities over $5.00 70% of market value
Mutual Funds 50% of market value
*issues which have met the criteria for the issuing of exchange traded options

Fixed Income Securities

Issued/Guaranteed by: Term to Maturity Loan Value
Governments of Canada, UK, USA 10 years and less 95%
  Over 10 years 95%
Parastatal  3 years and less 95%
  Over 3 years 90%
Municipalities  1 year and less 95%
  Over 1 year 90%
Commercial Paper*, Banker's Acceptances*, Corporate Bonds* 3 years and less 90%
  Over 3 years 85%
  Convertible 70%*
  Selling at 50% of par or lower no loan value
Negotiable GICs n/a 50%
All Fixed Income Products in Default n/a no loan value
Income Bonds - paying interest as stated 10 years and less 85%
  over years 50%
*no rating on Bonds below B rating or if trading at below 50% par

Eligible Markets
Securities trading in the following markets will be eligible for margin:

Eligible Ineligible
New York, Toronto, Amex, Montreal, some NASDAQ* issues Vancouver, Alberta, Canadian OTC
*issues which appear on the Federal Reserve Board's approved list

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