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Welcome to EagleTraders.com. This site has been prepared to assist the public who have many unanswered questions concerning the financial environment.

The goal of this website is to establish a forum in which you can understand the intriguing world of financial instruments and their position in the market place.

Although every possible precaution has been taken to post accurate information, the authors do not take any responsibility for any incorrect information posted in good faith. (Please read our "Terms of Use" before you use the web site)


EagleTraders.com attempts to clear a foggy and mysterious picture that surrounds a potentially very lucrative market which has been coloured by a sector of people who sometimes know just enough to be dangerous, creating skepticism etc. Although this is a specialist market, it is important that you understand the mechanisms within it.

Due to a lack of knowledge many people have been led up the garden path resulting in great losses in creditability, time and eventually money. If you are one of those seriously pursuing this market, please take time to acquaint yourself with the information supplied. Wishing you success with your endeavors and a profitable return.