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We share the opinion that the current gold price of around US$400 is very cheap.

Now is the time to invest in gold and a number of investors have at least 10% of their wealth in gold. The amount of Fed-generated fiat paper that will have to be created (out of nothing to back it up) in the near future and the subsequent risk involved in this type of money clearly indicates that gold is acutally very cheap at present. It is estimated that the US government, states, cities, corporations and individuals are currently $32 trillion in debt. Over and above that, the US government has extra unfunded liabilities of around $44 trillion, which will have to financed within the next few years.

Therefor our opinion is that gold is ridiculously cheap at present. If we compare the current gold price with that of 1980, it is currently approximately half the price than in 1980!

Within the next three or four or five years one will look back at today's price of around $400 dollar gold and ask ourselves, "Why have we missed this opportunity? What were we thinking? Where were we?"

Now is the time of one of those rare times in an investor's life when he can buy an undervalued asset at a bargain price. Now the investor can buy "real money" with "fiat" paper. At this time you can buy gold which is real money with the "junk" fiat paper that is created "out of thin air" by the Federal Reserve.

The past 3 years of so brought big profits for those investors that bought gold. We believe that this trend will pick up and that gold will continue to increase in value in the next number of years.

Knowledge is not useful when it not acted upon. In order to help you to invest at least 10% of your investment portfolio in gold, we have negotiated a deal with Xodus Gold Co-operation where you can buy the well known Krugerrand gold coins at prices directly related to the current gold price.

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