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Letter of Intent to Request Funding

This is a specimen-only copy of a Letter of Intent to Request Funding
that would be used in all of our financing programs.

When you create your actual Letter of Intent to Request Funding,
be sure to remove all of the material in this example that is in parentheses () first.


To: (Client/Borrower's name)
Address: (Client/Borrower's address)
Address: (Client/Borrower's address)
City State: (Client/Borrower's State)

We (name of borrower company), hereby request financing in the amount of $(number of dollars in 0,000,000.00 number format, e.g., "200,000,000.00" followed by number of dollars spelled out, e.g. "two-hundred million U.S. dollars exactly"), the proceeds of which will be used for (purpose o financing, in one short sentence). If payback of of this financing is required by the lender or lender bank, such repayment will be in U.S. dollars only. 

I request the following terms and conditions:

Financing term in years: (all programs begin with "1" year, and then rollover extensions year by year; if request is to rollover guarantee to more than one year, say "with rollover of guarantee to 5 years" or "with rollover of guarantee to 10 years", etc.).

Repayment requested: (NOTE: BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE TERMS REQUIRED FOR THE NO-DEBT PROGRAM BEFORE REQUESTING THIS OPTION. DO NOT REQUEST IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY. However, if you are qualified for the no-debt program and wish to use it then, put "zero interest, no-debt financing requested"; for other financing programs, specify annual interest in arrears, interest prepaid, principal payoff at end of loan term, or other stipulations including grace periods). 

Special terms and conditions: (if any).


The guarantor for this financing is: (name of guarantor bank)

The guarantor instrument for this financing is (bank guarantee, 4081 insurance guarantee, standby letter of credit, promissory note, etc.)

This guarantee instrument's existence or status can be confirmed by contacting the following two bank sources:

  1. (Name, title, phone number, fax number, e-mail address)

  2. (Name, title, phone number, fax number, e-mail address)

(Note: we will only confirm the existence of the guarantee at this point; we will not request banking coordinates through this document. Note that if your guarantee is pending, it is OK to put that here because we will call to confirm that fact only and make our decision on your financing based on that information).

(The company), is hereby authorized by me to confirm the contents of this letter in full and without reservation. 

I hereby attest that I am authorized by the board of my corporation to sign and enter into legally binding documents and that I have read and approved of the foregoing contents in full.


Name and Title of Client/Borrower:


Signature and Date:


Seal: (if available)