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Book title: Letters of Credit
Author: Michael Rowe

This revised edition of Michael Rowe's best-selling Letters of Credit, devotes greater attention to developing techniques such as the uses of standby letters of credit and includes more case studies, such as how major banks organise their documentary credits business. The book explains, in 6 chapters, the relevance to credit practice of the ICC's latest Uniform Customs and Practice and the recent innovative rules for interbank reimbursements. Essential for all banks involved in international operations, specialist insurers and all those involved in international trade and payments issues.

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Part I: Introductory sections
1. Introduction
2. Letters of credit: overview
3. Payment and financing techniques- an overview
4. The contract of sale
5. Case study: NatWest, UK

Part II: Operation of letters of credit
6. Legal characteristics of letters of credit
7. The role of the ICC
8. Issuing the credit
9. Case study: First National Bank, South Africa
10. Accomplishment of the credit
11. Strict conformity of documents
12. Case study: letters of credit in Russia
13. Carriage
14. The transport document and the letter of credit
15. Case study: Banco Bilbao Viscaya
16. Negotiable instruments
17. Insurance documents, commercial invoices and miscellaneous documents
18. Transfer, assignment and related issues
19. Bank-to-bank reimbursements
20. Case study: CrŽdit Lyonnais

Part III: Standby letters of credit and guarantees
21. Standby letters of credit: operation and uses
22. Standby letters of credit: legal characteristics
23. Standby letters of credit: bank procedures
24. Guarantees

Part IV: External factors affecting the operation
25. Fighting fraud
26. Stopping payment
27. Government regulations and sovereign immunity

Part V: Some alternative trade payment structures
28. Islamic banking and trade finance: overview
29. Study: Islamic banking and trade finance
30. Documentary collections
31. Electronic trade payments
32. Bolero
33. Case study: BFCE
34. Conclusion

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