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We provide the following leads from requests received through our web site and they are listed according to the date that the request is published on this web site.

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22 Jun 2020

"Private Lender Wanted"-LEGIT ONLY

Our Colleague seeks a Private LEGIT Lender who can provide a minimum of $30M or more up to a Maximum of $200M to be used to go into a Private Trade Platform, for himself to enter. He's connected to an excellent Trader who accepts Assigned Funds, as long as the Owner's complete contact info is provided for verification of ownership of funds and the granting of the assignment.

Our colleague can accept a loan or is willing to JV with the Private Lender on a 50/50 split basis (The JV provides more profit to the Lender)

NO UPFRONT FEES are Accepted of ANY kind as ALL FEES can be deducted from the loan at loan closing and go into the repayment schedule
Funds can stay in the Private Lender's Bank for security if he would like, as long as the funds are in a Top World Bank.
(Under this situation, NO Insurance is necessary since the funds are in your own bank and not transferred.)
NO Scams-Lender MUST have proof of funds to show he actually has the funds.

Serious Inquiries ONLY from DIRECT Lender with your complete contact info.

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16 Jun 2020

1m to 10b+ top tier small and large cap PPP.
Funds don't move. We also monetize Bank Instruments. For more info, send your request

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4 Jun 2020

We are a global provider and manager of alternative investment products, serving high-net-worth private and institutional clients.

We are led by a dynamic Investment team renowned for having an“open door” policy and providing investment, corporate and Personal Loan at 3% Interest Rate for a duration of 10 Years at all levels.

We also pay 1% commission to brokers, who introduce project owners for finance or other opportunities.

Please get back to me if you are interested for more details.

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2 Jun 2020

Contact us for some genuine and certified financial services to set yourself up with a new business or if you wish to enlarge your business in this new year. Our financial services ranges from personal/individual to organization and we deliver as fast as possible within 24 hours of application with no demands except security provision. We are here to serve you in this new year and help you grow your business and expand your financial status.

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31 May 2020

Borrow money here today at 3% interest rate. My company offer all kind of financial services at 3% interest rate and our services is 100% guarantee and risk free.

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29 May 2020

My company needs someone to help us borrow $2M from a bank. My company does not have the collateral. My personal credit is fine, but the commercial collateral is missing. Company needs collateral and the right banking relationships. Company has 50 M in contract allocations, but we need financing to uphold our end of the bargain. Nations and states are starting to reopen after virus-caused shut downs. Business travel will be permissible soon. Capital needed immediately. Angel, investor or funder will be rewarded handsomely.

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28 May 2020

My company is interested in buying your company's cash at a discount . And will pay you a monthly bonus every single month for a year. To keep this opportunity safe for you we take the ALL THE RISK out by backing your cash with a bank verifiable assets. This way you actually have your money back immediately in hand .

If you like to know more please call and I can explain more to those interested. If it helps we actually go first with full transparency the whole time because we want to build a long lasting relationship with you.

Here's a preview of what I need to get the ball rolling :
Must have verifiable cash/capital with minimum of $1million and up .
It can be cash, credit line, Bg, Sblc.
Must be a serious inquiry only

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25 May 2020

Business Capital & Business Loans - No HIDDEN Fees!

- We are not a broker, all work done in house
- Our qualified candidates average 250k in funding in less than 2 weeks, with many getting as much as 200M
- Real company, Real business, 20 Years of experience
- Funding begins in 48 hours

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25 May 2020

Investors wanted.
We are a financial brokerage company with clients from around the globe. To serve the needs of our clients, we are looking for top investors, private or institutional.

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20 May 2020


We will not engage individuals that want our MONEY & TIME FOR FREE

To proceed forward you will have to complete our Engagement & Request For Services Agreement once we have received from the borrower:

1) Completed and Current CIS - include color copy Passport and Articles of Incorporation showing the borrower as the primary owner.

2) Business Plan with Proforma.

3) Signed and Current Contracts for which loan is required.

4) Verifiable collateral (current appraisal) owned by said borrower free and clear unencumbered.

Once we have received and reviewed the required intake documentation will schedule a conference call to proceed forward with Engagement & Request For Services.
Kindly be informed we only approve four projects a month that passes our due diligence, protocols, and compliance.
Our domestic Funding Facilitator: J & L STEALTH ENTERPRISES LLC, incorporated in Oklahoma USA.
Should you have any questions available 24/7 via email and will reply in a timely manner,

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18 May 2020

At Eurasia Investments we can help finance your project or trade, through our extensive network of Banks and Private Equity Investors. Everything from Commercial Loans to SBLC/BG for credit enhancement purposes (We can also moneterize your instruments, excellent rates). Commercial and Personal mortgages available, up to 100% LTV. Fees on completion. Non-recourse loans also available. Please email me for more information. Warning! No time-wasters, dreamers or fraudsters!

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15 May 2020

We Are Seeking For EURO PROVIDER That Will Accept USD PROVIDER Terms And Contact.

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10 May 2020

Business loans available from $5K to $300K and funding possible in 24 hours. Whether it’s a renovation, a marketing campaign or cash to tide you over, let Prospa help you keep your business moving – Rates from 3% p.a.* and no assets required to access up to $100K. We can give you any amount you need provided you are going to pay back within the period of time given without any problem. Apply now and contact us

A line of credit allowing you to access up to 95% of the value of your accounts receivable within 24hrs, with remaining 3% available when the invoice is paid. No need to worry about weekly repayments or property security.

Unsecured business loans from $10,000 - $250,000, over 12 to 240 months. Online application takes only 59 minutes and you'll know if you're approved within hours. Apply now.

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10 May 2020

EXTRAORDINARY, FINANCIAL OFFER! Read This Financial Offer And Then Contact Me.. For Only One Invested Sum Of $31,000 Thousand Dollars USD, "We" Can Purchase A *Recourse Loan Of $10,000,000 Million Dollars USD For A Viable Project Of Record. Once In Receipt Of This Net Loan Amount, A *Non-Recourse Loan Can Be Arranged For, In The Up Front Amount Of $130,000 Thousand Dollars USD. Through The Monetization Of A Leased Bank Instrument, $325,000,000 Million Dollars USD Will Be Obtained. There Is NO RE-PAYMENT OF THIS NON-RECOURSE LOAN REQUIRED! Are "You" Interested In This Once In A Life Time Opportunity? For Details, Contact "Me".

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5 May 2020

We provide personal loans for debt consolidation, bad credit loans
*Commercial Loans.
*Personal Loans.
*Business Loans.
*Investments Loans.
*Development Loans.
*Acquisition Loans .
*Construction loans.
*Business Loans And many More

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3 May 2020

looking for arbitrage loan.if you can assist, please contact me. Thank you

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28 Apr 2020

Are you tired of seeking loans and Mortgages,have you been turned down constantly By your banks and other financial institutions,We offer any form of loan to individuals and corporate bodies at low interest rate.If you are interested in taking a loan,feel free to contact us today,we promise to offer you the best services ever.Just give us a try,because a trial will convince you.What are your Financial needs?Do you need a business loan?Do you need a personal loan?Do you want to buy a car?Do you want to refinance?Do you need a mortgage loan?Do you need a huge capital to start off your business proposal or expansion? Have you lost hope and you think there is no way out, and your financial burdens still persists?

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27 Apr 2020

With the current crisis the world is facing right now, I want everyone to remember this is only temporary and I urge everyone to keep their focus on, this is not a time to backdown. If you are seeking loans/fundings for your businesses and projects feel free to contact us today, we are a legit loan company, we have saved so many from financial crisis over the past few months. You can get a loan from us today from your homes as you keep staying safe from the virus. We get your loan processed within 2 business days, you get it as promised, you get funded immediately after processing.

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23 Apr 2020

No Income or Employment Verification Required
Fund in 7-10 Business Days
0% APR for the first 12 months
Mo Up Front Fees Special Programs for Military Families
100% Financing All Real Estate

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22 Apr 2020

Welcome to 24Hour Loan Service. Our company deals with financing (Loans, Capital, Funding, Investments), We give out loans at 3% interest rate. We give out loans world wide with understandable terms and conditions. We offer loans to serious minded individuals and companies.

 Our company (24Hour Loan Service) is looking for projects to invest huge cash which can be long and / or short term projects but with good dividend. Are you looking for an Investor for your project? Do you know anyone who’s looking for an investor for his/her project? or in need of international partners for mega projects/contracts?  Eg. Are you a financial consultant with client in need of business, projects and investment loans? You can also refer your client to us and we will offer them loans with you getting a commission of 15% of the entire interested made from the loan deal...

Please write me for possible business co-operation as we are open for discussions. I look forward for your possible cooperation. Please contact us today if you are interested in our offers.

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17 Apr 2020

Seeking commercial business loan for 10 million for 5 years at 5% per annum. Collateral: 15M in real estate. Current lender is dragging his feet so maybe we need to find someone else. Proceeds of loan will be used in connect with our gold trading business. We currently have a contract to buy 62 million in dore gold over a 12 month period. We are seeking principals only, must close in 21 days. Appraisals are available for real estate. No upfront fees, no origination or junk fees. For those financiers in Europe, Asia and Middle East.Loan must close in states. Money must be in states: We do not want to be involved with banking regulatory issues: Money must be clean and real. We will only close via wire transfers. This is a good deal and the interest is negotiable. Time sensitive transaction.

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16 Apr 2020

Do you need a loan, an urgent loan for business or other things? come
now to Capital One Financial company and get a loan ranging
from $5000 to $500,000,000.00 for an interest rates as low as 3%
affordable. for more informations and inquiries,
contact me via email for further processing.

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14 Apr 2020

THIS IS A URGENT REQUEST: We urgently require £15 Million funding. This is to help us fund our Sanctuary. We have had a influx of animals since the coronavirus. Families and charities have contacted us on behalf of Loving Owners who have died and those fighting for their lives to take in their beloved pets. We need funds to assist us with the upkeep of these animals and our other rescued animals. We also now have to move to larger premises and built shelters etc to house all the animals.

We are looking for a non recourse loan if possible We want to do this by using a SBLC/BG. or a straight forward loan to purchase/lease the guarantee that can also guarantee the loan. The guarantee will then be monetized to pay back the loan and provide the Sanctuary with the much needed funds in this difficult time. If anyone can assist us please contact me asap.

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12 Apr 2020

We are an International finance company with operations and proven client based across the world. In summary, we provide financial/project funding services for individual and institutional investors and business people across the world. If you are looking at securing funding for your international trade, project and infrastructural development, we provide funding to our clients at international competitive rate,huge capital project funding in either short term or long term ranges,Financial Guarantees and Performance,New Funders Joint Venture For Project Share Holder,Capital Secured Investment & project financing Services, partnership, joint venture and other ranges of financial service offer.

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12 Apr 2020

Are you planning to start or expand a business and you do not have enough finance? we provide tips and advice on processes, steps for different kinds of businesses and investments.
We also provide sponsorship and loans to active partners or investors, depending on the idea and project choice.

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6 Apr 2020

Loan and Project funding program. We offer flexible loans and funding for various projects without passing the usual rigorous procedures. This Funding program allows a client to enjoy low interest payback for as low as 3% per annum for a period of 2-30 years. We can approve a loan/funding for up to USD 500,000,000.00 or more depending on the nature of business.

We are open to having a good business relationship with you. If you think you have a solid background and idea of making good profit in any venture, please do not hesitate to contact us for possible business co-operation.

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5 Apr 2020

Borrow money here today at 3% interest rate. Sawda Capital Finance offer all kind of financial services of all sizes ranging from individuals, companies and trader's globally. Our services is 100% guarantee and risk free.

We build just the right financing for each client, with simple paperwork, quick approvals, and flexible payment schedules.

Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved, Looking forward to rendering the best of our services to all esteemed clientele globally.

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1 Apr 2020

If you want to participate do indicate the part which you choose to participate.
- Investment Offer?
- Do you need a Loan?
- Partnership/Incorporation?

Also involved in the referral business, promoting financial service institutions, and providing finances, loans, sponsorship, joint venture or procuring investments projects that have not been initiated With over $2 trillion private and corporate investment portfolios.

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29 Mar 2020

Companies in the U.S.

On March 19th the Congressional Small Business Task Force unveiled a $367B Emergency Coronavirus Relief Package as part of the Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act, Division A of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act) This includes:

· $367 billion in lending authority for SBA 7(a) loans

· Borrowers can get this SBA 7(a) loan OR an EIDL (direct SBA disaster loan), but not both

· Loan sizes of up to $10MM, calculated by taking the average total monthly payments by the applicant for payroll, mortgage payments, rent payments, and payments on any other debt obligations incurred during the one-year period before the date on which the loan is made (except for applicants with seasonal employees, in which the payroll is based on the average total monthly payments for payroll from 3/1/19 through 6/30/19)

·Can provide additional information.

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26 Mar 2020

am looking to put together an arbitrage from usa

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