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11 Nov 2021

*Get a business/investment loan up to $500M without collateral even with bad credit.
*For Personal,Business or Company
*No Collateral needed
*3-5% Interest Rate
*Repayment duration of over 10years
*100% Guaranteed Approval Rate
*Repayment Guarantee will be signed and approved by the government.
Terms and Condition Applies

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25 Oct 2021

We buy Trust Deeds / Mortgages, 1st, 2nd, and carrybacks for SFRs, Commercial, Industrial, etc....

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20 Oct 2021

We are offering Loans/Investment funding for profitable project at a flexible rate, ranging from individuals, companies and traders globally.. My firm has recorded a lot of breakthroughs in provision of first class financial services to our clients especially in the area of Loan syndication and capital provision to individual and companies.

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19 Sep 2021

Seeking Individuals For Joint Investment Investment Ppp And Leverage 100 K Up To No Limits Seeking And Providing Project And Development Loans And Financing University Accredited Business, Banking, Project And Financial Consultants, Providing Investments, Loans, Financing To Most Commercial, Industrial Projects And Developments In Most Country World Wide

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15 Aug 2021

We provides leverage capital for a variety of investment grade and principal protected funding transactions. These include but are not limited to:
1. Investment programs/trading platforms/matched trading.
2. Funding against or monetization of investment grade notes.
3. Capital funding secured by documentary letters of credit.
4. Commercial projects that are backed by financial guarantee bonds.
5. Credit/Withdrawal facilities where permitted investments are defined as replacement collateral acceptable to the financial institution.
6. Bridge and Mezzanine financing where there is an acceptable investment grade takeout.
7. Balance sheet enhancements including show money, proofs of funds, etc..

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15 Aug 2021

We invite you all to participate in our new business and project funding program, We are currently funding for Business start-up Business developments, Business acquisition Business expansion, Project funding, and Working capital, etc.This Funding program allows a client to enjoy a 2% low-interest rate and payback period of 1 to 40 years. We can approve a loan/funding for up to $500,000,000.00 or more depending on the nature of the business we are currently funding for and we satisfy our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed

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30 Jul 2021

Do you need a personal loan? Or even expand your business? Do you need money for inventory, cash flow, expansion or advertising? Do you want to start a business and have no or low capital? Do you need refinancing? Want to avoid a lengthy loan process with hidden fees and no guarantee of approval?

GTF Solutions is Offering both Business and personal Loan at a unique interest rate.
We offer working capital to small businesses just like yours. We do not require a plan for the funding and we don't require that it be used for any specific purposes. The money can be used for expansion, renovations, payroll, equipment, general cash flow, or anything that you decide.

-Fast approval
-No Closing Fees
-No hidden charges
-95% approval rate
-Up to 150,000,000(One Hundred & Fifty Million)
-Tax deductible
-5% Interest Rate

Once approved, you will receive funds in 2 days or less and there’s no fixed payment schedule, we only get paid when you get paid. Contact us now via email for more inquiry

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26 Jun 2021

We are pleased to announce that we offer general financial/huge project funding with range of Banks and Private Equity. We provide a quick and simple service, with a decisions being made in a matter of days and funds transferred soon after.Funds can be used for almost all business purposes We also can lend up to £500M for property development finance. No early repayment charges, settle any time.

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31 May 2021

Hello welcome to our principal office Verbeek Financier which is a financial company

We help you with finance/loan (project funding) for your business dreams through Commercial Lending for Asset Based Lending, Factoring, Equipment Leasing, Commercial Real Estate, Merchant Card Processing, Merger and Acquisition, Merchant Cash Advance, Working Capital, Expansion Commercial Bridge Loans, Debt Restructure.

Our goal is to be able to assist with your immediate financial needs, as well as develop a long term partnership that will grow with your company as your needs change, funds will be disbursed at a rate of 3%

- Do you need a Loan?
- Do you want to represent us as an Agent/Broker?
- In need of an Insurance Coverage?

Contact us today

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6 May 2021

PFIG Espana is a modern day dynamic finance boutique and we collaborate with good entrepreneurs and business persons that are willing to present profitable and secure investment projects that require funding in countries with growing economies around the world and emphasis on location and environs. Sectors like real estate and other high profit business ventures are the areas of focus for investment. We would also consider new innovations with good indexes.
If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects please contact me for more information.

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1 May 2021

To All Real Estate Investors – Announcing:

NEW Lower Rental Rates - As Low As 4.25% and Origination Fees

As a Real Estate Investor, you can now take advantage of rental rates as low as 4.25%,
interest-only options, and a lower origination fee for our rental loan product.
Property must be located in the USA
Here are just a few examples of our current rental leverage and rates:

· 30-year fixed purchase: 4.875%*, 70% LTV, 750 FICO
· 5/1 ARM rate and term refinance: 5.875%*, 80% LTV, 720 FICO
· 7/1 ARM cash-out refinance: 6.00%*, 55% lTV, 640 FICO
· 30-year fixed refinance: 6.375%*, 75% LTV, 680 FICO
· 5/1 ARM purchase: 4.25%*, 50% LTV, 780+ FICO

Our new rental interest-only options are eligible on all products and FICO bands with a maximum of 70%.

Do you have any rental property you wish to purchase or refinance?

Feel free to reach out to me directly via email and I will help you get started right away.

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23 Apr 2021

We are going to build a $1B cashflow property fund in every major, financially stable country.
Funding has been secured and ready to deploy.

We are seeking property specialist partners, who are area and country specific knowledge in this field.
As you are a partner you will receive a shareholding in the main company.

For further information on how you can join our group and be part of a ongoing stable cashflow business that produces

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11 Apr 2021

We are an International finance company with operations and proven client based across the world. In summary, we provide financial/project funding services for individual and institutional investors and business people across the world. If you are looking at securing funding for your international trade, project and infrastructural development, we provide funding to our clients at international competitive rate,huge capital project funding in either short term or long term ranges,Financial Guarantees and Performance,New Funders Joint Venture For Project Share Holder,Capital Secured Investment & project financing Services, partnership, joint venture and other ranges of financial service offer.

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25 Feb 2021

I need a loan of 2450 euros tho pay my debt and invest in real estate

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19 Feb 2021

Are you looking to make extra income and don't know which program to invest in and get a high-profit return within a short time frame? If yes. Here is an opportunity for you to make extra income with 100%guarantee. TATA INVESTMENT CORPORATION we deal on a short-term investment with high-profit returns and We have one of the best services. Do contact us for more details today if you are interested in learning more about our service. We are given you 100% guaranteed money back, no risk of any kind is involved if you do not get paid after the invested period. Interested applicants can simply complete the info below. To invest contact Email Address:

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1 Feb 2021

"Asset Monetization & Trade Program"

We have an "Asset Monetization & Trade Program", available to Asset Owners, Worldwide.
Our Licensed Trade Platforms monetize, then trade against your Assets, producing High Profit returns,
which can finance projects, investments, ventures, etc.

Funds received do NOT have to be repaid, and can be used for any legal purpose.

Collateral is REQUIRED, which can be Active Gold/Silver/Precious Metal Mines, Commercial Real Estate, Casinos, Hotels, Land, Diamonds,
Art, gemstones, Bonds, Bank Instruments, Oil/Gas Reserves, etc.


(1) Asset Owner MUST provide proof of ownership (i.e. Deed, Title, Owner Certificate Receipt, Buy Ticket, Provence,)
(2) Provide Certified Appraisal Firm Appraisal (5 years old or less)
(3) Provide BB+ or Better Insurance Firm Insurance Policy against asset(s) (5 years old or less)
(4) For OTHER Asset(s), provide Bank Safe-Keeping Receipt, lodged in Bank, used against asset(s)
(6) If CASH, provide Bank Proof of Funds (3 days or less)
(7) Provide Detailed Asset(s) Report
(8) Minimum Value : $100M and UP to NO Maximum

Serious Inquiries ONLY from Direct Clients or their Legal Agent with complete contact info.

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17 Jan 2021

Intersol Consulting LLC is looking to purchase apartment buildings in the USA, Brazil and Germany which are in the planning or in the initial construction phase.
For our decision we need an estimated cost overview as well as a rental income forecast for the first 5 years after completion.
Financing is guaranteed with economic efficiency.
For the management of the purchased apartment buildings, we accept partners who have a share in the rental income and ownership.

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9 Jan 2021

Do you need a loan?

We offer loan at 2% interest rate, our services include the following:

* Business Loan [secure and unsecured]
* Personal Loan [secure and unsecured]
* Car Loan
* Truck Loans
* Home Loan
* Mortgage Loan

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4 Jan 2021

"Alternative Commercial Real Estate NON-Recourse Financing"

We have Alternative NON-Recourse Financing Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate Owners, Worldwide.

Our Providers can utilize Clients' Commercial Real Estate as COLLATERAL, by monetizing & trading against asset, in their Corporate Trade Platform programs, "RAISING Capital for Worldwide Clients, SO THAT CLIENT FUNDS received can be used for any legal purpose, like funding projects, acquiring investments, building wealth, etc.

Commercial Real Estate = Malls, Strip Malls, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Casinos,, etc.

Funds Received are NON-Recourse.

Minimum Requirements :

(1) Minimum Value of Commercial RE COLLATERAL = $130M or more.
(2) Must have DEED PROVING YOU OWN the Commercial Real Estate, Free, Clear, NO liens.
(3) Must have Current Certified Company appraisal (4 years or less).
(4) Must have BB+ or better Insurance Company policy on the Property.
(5) Must provide detailed report of property.
(6) Must provide Top World Bank Safe-Keeping Receipt (SKR), against the property.
(7) You can have one or Portfolios of Properties.

Serious Inquiries ONLY from Direct Clients and/or their Direct Legal Rep with your complete contact info.

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22 Dec 2020

I wish to invite you to Join our principle office, SIGMA FINANCIAL SERVICES which is a financial service company, SIGMA FINANCIAL SERVICES is one of the largest Finance Company in the European Countries, with over £10trillion private and corporate investment portfolios.

We are privately looking for fiduciary agents and management experts who will be willing to act as investment portfolio holders and administrators. Also involved in the referral business, promoting financial service institutions, and providing finances, loans, sponsorship, joint venture or procuring investments projects that have not been initiated with over £10 trillion private and corporate investment portfolios.

All sign-up contracts, briefings and investment portfolio management files will be handled in United Kingdom, USA, EUROPEAN, and UAE.

If you want to participate do indicate the part which you choose to participate.

- Want to be an Agent/Broker?
- Investment Offer?
- Do you need a Loan?
- Partnership/Incorporation?

For further details contact me directly for more information with your business plan via email.

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9 Nov 2020

"Rent Your Home/Business Property to Film Companies, Worldwide"

We have Film Companies that seek beautiful homes or Business Properties, that can be rented from 1-2 days and up to 1 month,
so they can film their movies, commercials, videos, etc.

They seek Properties Worldwide, but especially in the United States and Canada.

Once you are accepted, you could receive funds that range from $10,000 - $50,000 PER DAY!!

Excellent Way for you to get extra income and meet some great movie stars and cast.

For more info, Serious inquiries ONLY from DIRECT Homeowners or Business Owners with the following:

(1) Your Full Name/Title
(2) Street Address
(3) City, State, Province, Country, Zip Code
(4) Telephone Number
(5) Email Address

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9 Nov 2020

"Monetize your Property through our Trade Platform"

Don't let COVID-19, or Economic Uncertainties, or any other Current World Events, Stop you from making money.

If you OWN Commercial Property(s) , including land, that are worth approx. $130M or More, we have an excellent European Trade Platform that will monetize your asset(s).
then put the monetize funds into Trading, and provide you an Excellent Profit/Returns Opportunity.

Profit/Returns are "Guaranteed by Contract" and usually very HIGH!!

The Monetizer requires Due Diligence/Application Fee to process your Request to enter, which can range from $300,000-$500,000 USD.

You must OWN the Property and have a Current Certified Appraisal (4 yrs or less), from a Certified Appraiser, Deed of Trust to prove ownership, etc.

ALSO, if you have Fine Art, valued at $130M+ and OWN IT, SHOWING PROOF THROUGH "PROVENANCE" DOCUMENTS, our group will consider that for
Trade As Well.

Serious Inquiries from Direct Clients, Worldwide, and/or their Direct Legal Rep with your Complete Contact Info.

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5 Nov 2020

Fund is currently available for long term or Bridge funding. Maximum amount $500musd Interest free with Repayment period 20yrs and No penalty on early repayment.

Mail back for details.

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29 Oct 2020

High Yield / Short Term
100% Secured
100% Insured
100% Guaranteed


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24 Sep 2020

Fund is now available for Small and Medium Scale industries whether as a start-up or expansion . Max. amount is $10m and Min. is $1m at 3%pa for max. repayment of 10yrs.
Mail back for details.

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10 Sep 2020

Investors need for housing development in Kenya

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2 Sep 2020

I'm looking for real estate investment
No advance or upfront fees
100% unsecured loan.
I've got over 28 years in the property industry buying development.
Advising high net worth individual's
I've worked with Saudi Arabian Royal family, to Government officials and Billionaires.
Any investment deal will go via a lawyer
Any fees deducted from the funds.
No cowboys or Charlatons.
No time wasters.
Will sign an NDA.

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3 Aug 2020

Finaprets is a credito institution licensed as a financial company and Società di Crédit Foncier. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Crédit Foncier, its purpose is to finance business loans, mortgage loans, project funding and development of direct financing of the business with the BPCE Group.It grants or acquires guaranteed loans or exposures to public entities, and finances them by issuing obligations property, which are France legal covered bonds. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is based in Saint-Quentin, France.

- Want to be an Agent /Broker?
- Investments Offer?
- Do you need a Loan?

Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. Do you need financial assistance? We can help you?. Apply now for 2% loan. Kindly contact us for more information to procure the loan financial services.

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2 Aug 2020

All applicant must be above 18-Years of age. If you really want to know if this investment works then take action by starting with category amount above for your profit return.

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25 Jul 2020

We currently have funds for Financing Real Estate, Project Funding, Bridge Loans, Construction Financing and Ordinary Loans for Company Export/Import Finance.

Here are the area of our funding:

* Bridging loans
* Business Loans
* Personal loan
* Investment loan
* Auto loan
* Construction loans
* Debt Consolidation
* Credit line
* Lend Lease
* Second mortgage
* Credit Redemption
* Project Financing
* Mortgage
* Refinancing Loans
* Real Estate Investment loans

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