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4 Jun 2020

Available Small Cap $1m-also $100M+-Larger Tier 1 PPP Trades. Tear Sheet Programs available. Also have PPP trades for Heritage Funds.

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3 Jun 2020

Seeking U.S. Treasuries or other "high quality" securities as collateral for financing. Amount needed: $800,000.00 for two years. Will repay1M. No upfront fees, no insurance premium scams. Funds will be pledged as collateral for traditional financing from a U.S. bank. We have several large transactions pending and a few long term contracts, we simply need to operate until the funds come or revenue is generated from the pending transactions. The principal of the company generates revenue in three ways: trading commodities (60%), investments on exchanges (25%) and professional services (15%).

No junk fees, we only pay for performance. Time is of the essence.

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1 Jun 2020

"Private Trades Programs Available"

We have numerous and active trade programs available for High Net Worth Investors, Worldwide.
Programs we have consists of Bullet Programs, Monetization and Trade Programs, 40 Week Programs, etc.

Profit Returns vary, depending upon the program, but is very good to excellent in all cases.
Funds can be used for any legal purpose, worldwide.

Funds you receive do NOT have to be paid back. NON-Recourse and Unlimited funding is available to you.

Minimum is $10 Million USD and UP to NO Maximum for CASH Assets in Top World Banks ONLY..
Minimum is $100 Million USD and UP to NO Maximum for Bank Instruments that are OWNED ONLY, from Top World Banks.

Application Process is REQUIRED along with initial KYC, Bank Letter Proof of Funds and other documents.
After all documents has been submitted, etc., and accepted by our Provides, you will be contacted Directly by the Provider for further details as to
the program(s) available at the time of your applying.

Direct Clients with your complete contact info, may contact us to apply ONLY.

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28 May 2020

Offering 50/50 JV in a Gold mine, Australia

Dormant since 1892, this mine is located in Lachlan Fold Belt, one of the richest gold areas in the world, 3.5-hrs drive from Sydney. Before it was shut down (due to excessive ground water), this "saddle reef formation" mine produced astonishing amounts of gold, up to 1,100oz (!) per tonne of crashed ore, but on average 10oz/t. The largest gold specimen ever found, the Holtermann Nugget, was discovered there. The area is known and well documented for the "nugget effect".
Two mining leases totalling approx 20 acres + around 90 acres of dredging lease.
No JORC report but ample detailed, credible & verifiable evidence is available for your close scrutiny and on-site inspection is encouraged.
The owner estimates that to refit the existing shafts, upgrade machinery, install security and turn the project into one of the Australia's most profitable gold mining operations will take approx 18 months and around AUD$15 million (US$10M).
With the gold price set to go sky-high within the next 12-24 months, your timing could not be better.
This project has the potential to become one of the most profitable gold mining operations in Australia.
Only GENUINE bona-fide investors should apply.

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27 May 2020

We are offering a very profitable investment opportunity in motorway bus service. This business is highly profitable in india due to the countrywide Motorway track in india Our Investment Policy is given below: Minimum Investment =500 US$ Maximum investment = 500,000 US$ Profit duration= with 7 days profit returm Investment Duration Contact us for further details and Business Proposal

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27 May 2020

Venezuela Bonds for Lease program
Venezuela Bonds issued by Central Bank of Venezuela, with full posting on Euroclear. Minimum $ 2 Billion Face Value.
Must have minimum 13 months assignment to run. Special lease program on offer, Bond returned after trade period of 12 months or can be extended.
Documents required:
Updated KYC,
22 pages Brussels Euroclear posting with ISIN,
CBV issued Affidavit,
CBV Certificate of ownership
Client bonds are not monetized, just leased (returned after 12 months PPP), 12 Monthly profit pay-out, can extend up to 5 years.
Owner must be able to block Bond for one year in favour of platform via MT542
Direct to performing platform

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26 May 2020

The Worlds most profitable business opportunity is to invest in a high-value hard asset to reach a large amount of billion, within 3, 4 month, for more info PL. only a serious investor

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26 May 2020

This is a private investment that trades you little money in crude oil and natural gas. The money will be generated from all the sales they made on petroleum sales in all the countries that produce Petrol in the world. The more money you invest the more you will make from sales of petrol and natural gas. investment with high-profit returns 7 10 days,

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24 May 2020

Invest in high-value hard assets like NW CPI, an amount of EUR 15 million to generate billions of high estimated value for project development. Detailed information is exclusively for serious interest.

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23 May 2020

Our new program requires a minimum of USD$1M or equivalent in a Top 50 bank. The initial trade is a 15X bullet followed by a 10 month trade that pays 60% per month, payable monthly.


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20 May 2020

Prospective Tear sheet Trader's Wanted

This Tier One trade platform is offering a 500% 10 Day Bullet Trade,
which Nets the Investor 400% in only 10 days. Also, the bullet trade
will be followed by a 40 week trade, investor earns Net 50% weekly.

Top Bank accounts with 100M MINIMUM are accepted for this Tear Sheet Bullet and 40 Week trades.

1. KYC dated within 3 days of submission (See KYC attached).

2. KYC signed with blue pen and then scanned to PDF.
(We don’t accept any electronic signatures.)

3. Bank Tear Sheet dated within 3 days.

4. Proof of life (passport and current newspaper taken with fund owner’s picture.)

URGENT NOTE: The 500% 10 day bullet trade ends May 31, 2020 Promptly,
Submit your Corporate or Individual KYC to assure a trade position

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14 May 2020

Invest with $1000 upward and get a high extra income

Are you out there and don't know which program to invest that little amount and get a high return within a short timeframe? Here is an opportunity to make an extra income with a 100% guarantee. We have one of the best services that guarantee high-profit returns within a short timeframe. Kindly get back for more details today if you are interested in learning more about our service. Kindly get back for more details if you are interested in learning more.

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6 May 2020

1m minimum
4x payout in 5 days
23x payout in 30 days
40 week program eligibility thereafter (This is a limited and time sensitive offer)
Funds are blocked through admin hold
The main thing is the client needs to be available for any call by intake and platform and follows from the contact closes to the intake.

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6 May 2020

We have an interesting very low cost investment opportunity using Currency Exchange and innovative marketing which could be a useful Business if you are waiting for larger deals to close.

This allows you to make just a minimal monthly investment of US$114 and build up to an initial return of US$500 monthly within a short space of time and then keep building to larger amounts.

Slick tested marketing system to build your Business which is easily shareable. No additional costs after getting involved, unless other marketing methods are required.

Contact us for the information link.

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26 Apr 2020



Only for informational purposes and this is not a solicitation but merely a general guidance.

1) Client might choose to go to a Bullet trade by transferring to the platform the funds directly. Normally this yields the highest earning, always to be communicated at the time of contract signing through the platforms lawyers.

2) Client might decide to choose to accept a block funds on his own account in favor of the platform. Further information will be given at the time of direct communication with the platform directors and lawyers.

3) A bank statement of a few weeks and the CIS will then give the client the option to choose of accepting a Management hold on the funds and at the time of communication with the director and lawyer of the platform, they will be told exactly the 'modus operandi' of the platform and how to take it to the next level.

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6 Apr 2020

Very Unorthodox Way to Invest!
Long Term Profits……..

Do you want to make 10X NO RISK to principal in the 90 DAYS! The minimum is $1,000.00. If you are liquid and serious, respond back with name and phone number. We are looking for no more than $5,000 total. Everything will be explained in a follow-up email with PDF, then a phone call. I am putting up the other $5,000 that is needed to put this into ACTION!!

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29 Mar 2020

Seeking collateral for 5M. The lender is prepared to loan, but we must secure collateral. Forms of acceptable collateral: Blue chip stocks; AAA rated bonds; U.S. Treasuries; unencumbered land or commercial real estate. (No livestock or art work). Collateral must be stateside unless it is DTC eligible securities. Borrower's core business: trading gold: (dore bars, futures contracts, mining stocks). 3 year pledge for collateral. No upfront fees, no junk fees, insurance premium scams. Principals, brokers, facilitators are welcome.

Loan Terms presented by lender:
-5 M @ 11% percent annum
-90 day grace period
-quarterly payments -simple interest
-no points or origination or other upfront fees
- if an appraisal is required, the lender will pay
- 50% LTV land; 80% LTV securities

Borrower has 50 million in contracts - - the virus has caused the money for buying gold to dry up - - time sensitive transaction

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27 Mar 2020

"Big Investor Players Wanted"

We have Extremely Good Trade Programs that are very active right now, due to the many world events that are happening now, AND MONEY IS IN GREAT DEMAND.
We are Seeking $500M Clients who want a Substantially GREAT Return on their investment, of which their funds can be used for many useful worldwide projects.

We have a Top Tier Bullet Program that offers exceeding HIGH Profits in One Day. Funds need to be in a certain Top World Bank, of which we'll explain once we're contacted by qualified clients with $500M CASH.

For $100M, funds can be in any Top World Bank, and we have Two Bullets with this program and then a 40 week program.
Again, the Profits are Exceeding HIGH and can be use for any legal purpose worldwide.

Forget stocks and bonds as these Top Tier Trade Programs are the REAL TICKET of Wealth and getting your projects financed completely at the same time.
Serious Inquires ONLY from RWA WORLDWIDE DIRECT Clients and/or their DIRECT Legal Rep with your complete contact info.


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26 Mar 2020

GET FAST RESULTS! liquidity is needed! we offer both small and large cap PPP
from 1m to 500m cash, sblc or bg. funds don't move and remain in your bank acct. NO front fees. request more information

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23 Mar 2020

Seeking $450,000 USD As *Up Front Fee To Purchase $40,000,000 Million Dollars Recourse Loan. Or, $40,000 Dollars To Lease A Bank Guarantee (BG) With A Face Value Of $500,000,000 Million Dollars USD For Monetizing To A Non-Recourse Funding Of 35% Of $500,000,000 Million Dollars USD, Which Equals (=) $175,000,000 Million Dollars CASH, *NO REPAYMENT! What’s Not Too Like? Oh Yes, This Is ALL VERIFIABLE!

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23 Mar 2020

Are you a Stock Portfolio Owner or know one who risks losing millions or billions in this time of worldwide crisis?

We have a source who can help you!
Check out the key points below:
• Our source has a Funder who will BAIL OUT Stock Portfolio Owners
• Renowned Funder will bail them out with a Non-recourse loan
• At the end of the loan term the Stock Portfolio will go back to the Owner and the Owner does NOT have to pay back the Loan

To proceed:
• We just need a Ticker symbol
• We are told the Funder can have a Term Sheet out within 24 hours and Funding in as little as three business days
Contact with your information as above.

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20 Mar 2020

Seeking $4,000,000.00 to $7,000,000.00 in COLLATERAL to support a commercial loan. We have a lender. We have an excellent project. We also need a GUARANTOR. The guarantee can be in the form of unencumbered real estate, Blue Chip Stocks, AAA Rated Bonds. (No artwork, no sblc, or live stock). We prefer the collateral to be in the eastern corridor of the U.S so the lender can do its due diligence. High quality publicly traded stock are acceptable as long as they can be transferred via DTC. Oh, guarantee can be in the form of an insurance policy from a U.S. based insurer, (no European or Middle Eastern insurancers). Core business activities trading gold between West Africa, Washington and the Mid-Atlantic states. We have a contract to move 60 million dollars worth of dore gold over 14 months. Collateral will be encumbered for 18 months. There is good money to be made but this is not for the weak and faint-hearted. Principals only ( No brokers, no daisy chains, no upfront fees, no junk fees, no upfront fees). Time sensitive transaction.

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15 Mar 2020

We provides leverage capital for a variety of investment grade and principal protected funding transactions. These include but are not limited to:
1. Investment programs/trading platforms/matched trading.
2. Funding against or monetization of investment grade notes.
3. Capital funding secured by documentary letters of credit.
4. Commercial projects that are backed by financial guarantee bonds.
5. Credit/Withdrawal facilities where permitted investments are defined as replacement collateral acceptable to the financial institution.
6. Bridge and Mezzanine financing where there is an acceptable investment grade takeout.
7. Balance sheet enhancements including show money, proofs of funds, etc..

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10 Mar 2020

great wkly returns from our 'top tier platform
small and large cap ppp. Funds don't move.
from 1m to 500m. No upfront fees.

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9 Mar 2020

$500M Bank Trade Program Available"

We have a Very Special $500M Bank Trade Program, Available to clients, worldwide, who have $500M in CASH Only, in a Top World Bank (Upon being approved, we'll discuss the Top World Bank the Cash should be in, if it's not in the one for this program, which can be arranged to go into that bank by our Providers).

Very HIGH One Day Profit/Returns (Will be disclosed upon approval and acceptance of the client by The Direct Trade Platform).
Then it goes into a 40 Week Trade Program at approx./historically 50-100% per month.
25% of Profit/Returns goes back to Trade Platform, which includes their intermediaries and intermediaries to the client.

Very FAST Program, which funds can be used to finance any legal project, worldwide.

Serious Inquiries ONLY from DIRECT Clients and/or their Direct Legal Rep with your COMPLETE CONTACT INFO.

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6 Mar 2020

This is for your information purpose only ...

I represent a Russian investor who is seriously seeking investment opportunities away from his native country. He provides straightforward, genuine funding, financing and loans for Individuals, Businesses, Realtors, Companies, Traders, and Exporters & Importers.

Injection ranges from $1M to $500M. Should you be interested, I can forward more details and procedures.

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5 Mar 2020

I want to invest the sum of $15 m, into hotel or tourism business. for this , I will require a fund manager or corporate organisation to make use of funds as loan or debt financing.

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2 Mar 2020

IMPORTANT: Required $25,000,000 Million Dollars For Purchase Of Dozens Of Mining Property Claims In Western USA. Time Sensitive.. Top Professional Mining Expertise Always Being Offered!! “I” Require Purchasing This Property.. Very Lucrative, So Contact Me As A Capable Funding Source!!

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26 Feb 2020

All of the accounts were opened in Turkey. It is delivered together with the first mails. (hotmail)

Per account Prices :

2016-2017 = 1$
2014-2015 = 3$
2013 = 4$
2012 = 5$
2011 = 6$
2010 = 7$

Accounts detail :

- Have 0 or less than 75 followers.
- Gender can be male or female.
- There may be no tweets.
- May not be profile photo
- Accounts are seamless.
- Instant delivery at the end of payment.
Conditions :
- I do not accept responsibility after submitting the account.
- There is no refund.

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24 Feb 2020

small to large cap tier 1 ppp 1m to 500m.
No front fees. funds remain in account and
don't move, nor depleted. Send us your CIS, POF.

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