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14 May 2021

*SBLC for lease and purchase*
*Issuer banks are HSBC London*
*DB Frankfurt Germany*

1.Receiver send signed DOA
2.Provider countersign DOA
3.Receiver bank send RWA via secured email or swift
4.Provider bank issue MT799 preadvice
5.MT799 BPU
8.Hard copy
Purchase price 50+2
Lease price 10+2

Price and procedures non negotiable
Receiving bank should be AA+ rated bank

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13 May 2021

We can provide SBLC, DLC, LC, Ussance LC, BG etc from Non Rated Banks at low leasing rate
contact us with your request

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12 May 2021

We are looking for buyers of Turkmenistan Manats(TMT) with account 934 to receive them.
Only real interested and capable buyers

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12 May 2021

If you have corporate bonds, SBLC's, BG's or sometimes other instruments we can receive them and provide funding against them.
We work only with people who are direct owners of proven and genuine instruments
We have several ways of working and procedures depending of your end intentions and targets

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11 May 2021



Instrument: SBLC (URDG 758)
Term: 1 Year + 1 Day
Issuer: Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
Tranche #1: Euro 500 Mn
DoA Value: Euro xx Bn
Price: 43% + 2%

1. Provider sends MT199 RWA
2. Receiver sends MT199 BCL
3. Provider sends MT799 Pre Advice
4. Receiver sends MT799 BPU
5. Provider sends MT760 SBLC
6. Receiver sends MT103 Payment
7. Provider sends BD Hard Copy 7 banking days later

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7 May 2021

True Seller Moves FIRST...SBLC For Sale Offer..

Yes, SBLC Issuer MOVES First - No POF, No BCL, No ATV, No Escrow Deposit.

Only Item Required is Buyer's KYC in order to receive an SPA [Sale/Purchase Agreement]

SBLC Issuing Bank: HSBC, London
SBLC Purchase Price: 80% with 77% NET To Seller
Up To Euro 10B Contract available
1st Tranche: Euro 250M
[1]. Buyer's KYC is submitted for Seller's DD
[2]. Seller sends SPA with Seller's FULL information
[3]. Buyer countersigns SPA and SPA is lodged by both parties at their respective banks.
[4]. Seller's SBLC Issuing banker sends an RWA - Confirmation
via a secure B2B email on Issuing Bank's Letterhead to Buyer's banker -
requesting Confirmation of awareness of the transaction and readiness to proceed..
[5]. Buyer's banker responds and CONFIRMS RWA to proceed via same B2B secure eMail channel
[6]. SBLC Issuing bank sends MT799/PreAdvise
[7] Buyer's bank responds with MT799/BPU
[8]. Issuing Bank sends MT760
[9] Buyer's bank verifies MT760 and makes payment - [Total of 80%] in FIVE [5] Banking Days
[10] Hard Copy sent within Seven banking days of receiving FULL payment via Bank Bonded Courier

Contact me ONLY if you are either the Buyer or you are DIRECT to your Buyer.

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6 May 2021

PFIG Espana is a modern day dynamic finance boutique and we are direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantees (BG’s),Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and other Financial Instruments. Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs to lessor in comparison with other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies.

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5 May 2021

Brazil & Venezuela Bonds & SBLCs Monetized

Venezuela Bonds 25%+5%
Venezuela SBLCs 42%+5%
Bank of Brazil SBLCs 47%+5%
Bank of Brazil Bonds will have the LTV in the next 24 hrs
Other Brazilian banks monetized on case by case bases

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5 May 2021

As private investment bankers, we offer a turnkey pkg.
TO SELL, FINANCE AND TRADE...Our t1 platform provides sblc, mtn, bg, tbonds Min 500m. Financing available @ 90% LTC! funds remain block in your own bank account. Take paper into trade optional. No upfront or bank transmission fees. Brokers welcome and protected. To become an approved buyer to buy direct, or finance your next purchase.

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3 May 2021


This post is ONLY FOR Direct Seller of SBLC and I as a Buyer Consultant will deal directly with him.Sell Side 1% is for my team and Buy side 1% for Buyer's Own Team like Banker,Lawyer.Do not respond if you are a Seller Rep,Intake Officer etc.2% commission must be free.

Buyer will purchase 50B in a 5B R&E.He has both POF plus Credit Line in Prime Banks.I knew him last SEVERAL YEARS and he is patiently waiting for a Bank to Bank procedure for last 6 months.NO BCL/POF over internet and Buyer can start with a MT 199 RWA or BCL via Bank Secure Email.This follows MT 799 Pre Advice(Seller)/MT 799 BPU(Buyer)/MT760 (Seller)/MT 103( Buyer).Any other similar procedure will be welcome.

Maximum price is 42+2 OR WITHIN THAT and with 2% Non Performance Penalty STRICTLY APPLICABLE from both the principals.Deal size could be 50B or more.This is a reputed Buyer and he is known to me for several years.



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1 May 2021


We help numerous customers save money through low rate, we provide BG, SBLC, MTN and LC, specifically for lease/purchase, auto mortgage loans and more. We pride Ourselves in being one of the leading financial services provider in the market today and we owe it to the vision, dedication and passion of our professional teams.
We are regularly Selling/Leasing: banking instrument, mortgage loans, bg, sblc, mtn, lc, swift mt799760.

Purchase: 38+2 %
Lease: 6+2 %

After signing DOA, Buyer/Lessee bank pay an initial deposit of swift cost. Provider issuing bank send swift MT799 pre-advice to Buyer’s/Lessee's receiving bank. A copy of the swift slip will be sent to Buyer's/Lessee’s bank for confirmation.

After confirmation of swift mt799, provider's Bank will deliver SBLC via MT760.Buyer's/Lessee's bank pay MT103,provider's bank deliver hard copy.

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29 Apr 2021

I am a broker, we have a direct provider BG,SBLC, Bankers Draft ( BD), MTN instrument. He can deliver both leased and purchase instruments to Organisations or individuals with their preferred text verbiage as has been approved by their bankers. The terms and procedures are so flexible and workable by RWA clients. Our lease bg/sblc instrument can be put into PPP Trading etc. Interested broker, consultant or lessee should contact us via email.

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28 Apr 2021

I have year: 1900 Usa /America / Mexico Bond 1000 Bond / 4%
Has coupons attached per legal valuation 10M
looking for offers monitization
Please No Joker Brokers! Prefer Trade Group !
trade or cash out etc share exchange

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26 Apr 2021

I need an investment account at a top rated bank who can supply bank. Instruments sblc bg etc.
Nothing organised online all by going into a bank and arranging this.
JP Morgan deutsch bank goldman sachs barclays bank natwest bank London branch
No cowboys or charlatans or fraudulent brokers.
All will be reported to the Authorities.
Only genuine bankers no advance or prepayment.

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25 Apr 2021


Our direct buyer will purchase bank draft of prime banks.Quantity 2B R&E 10B.He prefers bank to bank procedure without upfront.If you have a deal,suggest.I was working with one source from Dubai but she is taking time.So this post comes up.

If you have legit BD Sell Offer revert in full confidence.Your time will not be wasted.To respond you must the BD Seller,his Rep or maximum a broker knowing the rep.I have the full CIS of the Buyer and he is patiently waiting for the correct deal.Price and the procedure can be discussed.Bank to Bank procedure only with NO POF/BCL over the network.
No scam .That will be reported !

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21 Apr 2021

If you want a SBLC non recourse loan revert I have a provider.
Minimum is $1million.

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15 Apr 2021

No Upfront Fee / No Escrow Deposit Fee SBLC


[1]. Client submits KYC Plus a current, Bank ScreenShot or Tearsheet for the Lease Fee

[2]. After positive DD, SBLC DOA is sent.

[3]. Client submits completed & signed DOA and receives Provider's information
[without Provider's Countersignature of the DOA] - for Client's DD of the Provider.

[4]. After Client's satisfactory DD of Provider, Client MUST send their POF via Swift MT199
or via secure b2b eMail, to Provider's Compliance / DD Bank for further DD.

Due to the preponderance of FAKE POFs and FAKE MT199/POFs being sent by fraudsters
posing as good clients, the Compliance bank that the Provider uses to receive the Swift MT199/POF
or the secure b2b eMail POF, is DIFFERENT from the SBLC Issuing bank.

[5]. After positive DD of Client's POF, Provider COUNTERSIGNS the DOA and instructs
his Issuing bank to send MT799/PreAdvise to Client's Receiving bank.

[6]. Client's Receiving bank MUST respond with an MT799/BPU, BEFORE SBLC MT760 is sent.

[7]. No 3rd Party Monetizer / Receiving Bank is accepted.

[8]. Client's bank MUST BE a Top Rated bank, located in Western Europe or USA.
No Mainland China banks and No HongKong based banks

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13 Apr 2021

Bank Instruments for sale at wholesale levels. The instruments are from the 1op 5 International Banks. Would need CIS, Passport, POF

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13 Apr 2021


Nothing is free in this world! LET'S JOINT VENTURE: We Pay 100% of Your Upfront "SWIFT MT-799 & MT-760 Processing fees" and we share 50% of your Non-Recourse Loan Monetized Fund". All our loans are Non-Recourse and 100% No Repayment on Both Loan Principal & Interest. We JOINT VENTURE: You Take home 50% Monetized Fund; We Take Home 50% Monetized funds, and You Pay "0" UPFRONT FEE!

Your Choice SBLC Bank Instrument Face VAlue us$19M to us$1B monetized to 80% LTV (LESS ONE TIME 5% LEASING FEE), OUR NET JV 75% OF SBLC Face Value=NET ROI SHARED 50/50 Per Signed Agreement: you get 50%; and I get 50%. WRITE FOR MANUAL (DETAILS).

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13 Apr 2021


I'm a direct mandate to a genuine provider for bg/sblc specifically for lease and purchase. Issuance by hsbc london/hong kong or any other bank in europe, middle east or usa.

For leasing of bg/sblc
Leasing fee = 4%+1%
Purchase fee = 32%+1%

Intermediaries/consultants/brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved.

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7 Apr 2021

Our company, Govenlock Green Corporation, is selling corporate notes with a 12% interest coupon. The interest is paid annually. The Notes mature in three years. Each note has a face value of $5,000.00. Our investment target is $ 5,000,000.00 (thus we are selling 1000 notes). Once the notes matures, the initial purchase price will be returned to the investors. The corporate notes offers an opportunity to diversity an investment portfolio and a way to be involved with gold without owning physical gold and having to deal with storage costs, insurance, etc. Our notes offer investors a means for participation in an income stream.

The notes can only be sold to accredited investors through our Private Placement Memorandum. Upon request, we will deliver the PPM to prospective investors. We are ready to answer your questions and respond to due diligence requests. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

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4 Apr 2021

Project Financing

We can help provide Loans, Bank Instruments such as Bank Guarantees, Medium Term Notes and Standby Letter of Credit to enable finance your business projects.
These bank instruments are available for lease and purchase; we also monetize bank instruments, PPP Trade Platform available.

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2 Apr 2021

The Independent Financial Consultant. We are contacting you concerning funding of your business project. We are interested to partnership with you as we are seeking to diversify our financial portfolio into viable and lucrative business projects. We are most interested in partnerships business ventures in Health care, Real estate , mining, agricultural, renewable energy start-up projects and business expansions, Loan, Bg/sblc/via Euro clear screen with lower rate, Your swift response is highly needed.

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30 Mar 2021

Bristol Cove Asset Management an international business company has a client that want to purchase 50 Billion in US Medium Term Treasury Notes and 10 Billion in United States Treasury Bonds.

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30 Mar 2021

We are genuine provider of financial instruments i.e Standby Letter of Credit ( SBLC) , Bank Guarantee (BG) ,Bank Draft &M799 Blocked Funds from a top rated bank in Europe for more details kindly contact us.

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29 Mar 2021

If you need a loan or SBLC, contact me iam direct to several lenders across the globe. Minimum loan is $1million.

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26 Mar 2021

Leased SBLC Via Escrow Deposit Procedure

Cheapest way to fund your worthwhile or dream projects.
Requires Escrow Deposit of One Percent [1%] of SBLC Face Value -
with either a USA based law firm or a Singapore based law firm.
Min SBLC Face Value: Euro/USD 50M
Lease Fee: 12%.
KYC Plus current Bank Statement POF for One Percent [1%] is required upfront.

No DOA. Escrow Collateral Agreement is used instead.

Items / Documents needed from Lessee Signatory -
in order to receive Escrow Collateral Agreement.

1. KYC on Client Plus Client’s company acting as Client.
2. Text of MT799/PreAdvise & MT760 - from Client's SBLC Receiving bank
3. SBLC Receiving bank details including banker name and email
4. SBLC Beneficiary account holder details at receiving bank -
5. Executive Summary of Client's Project
6. Current [less than three days old] Bank Statement Proof Of Funds [POF]
for the required One Per Cent [1%] Escrow Deposit.
7. SBLC Face Value

SBLC Provider reviews submitted documents.
If ok, Escrow Collateral Agreement is sent.
After receiving MT760, Client has Ten days to pay the balance of SBLC Lease Fee [11%] -
SBLC Issuing banks:
HSBC, London, PNB Paribas and Bank of Nova Scotia.
Procedure is Non-Negotiable.

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9 Mar 2021

SBLC is available for One Year Collateral Transfer [Lease].

Can be used to raise a Loan/Credit Line at your bank to fund your Projects.
Cheapest way to fund your projects.
Requires Deposit of One Percent [1%] of SBLC Face Value with a USA based attorney escrow agent.
Minimum SBLC Face Value: Euro/USD 50M
Yearly Lease Fee: 12%.
Required Escrow Deposit Amount: One Percent [1%]
KYC Plus current Bank Statement POF for One Percent [1%] is required upfront.
Escrow deposit amount is released in three installments as follows:
33% BEFORE MT799/PreAdvise is sent to your designated bank
33% BEFORE MT760 is sent
And 34% AFTER MT760 is sent – and BEFORE SBLC Hard Copy if requested is sent.
You pay the balance of the SBLC Lease Fee within Ten [10] banking days AFTER receiving the SBLC MT760.
Procedure is Non-Negotiable.

Therefore, don't waste your time contacting me if you are financially "allergic" like I used to be, to acquiring a good SBLC via the above Upfront Swift Fee SBLC Escrow Deposit Procedure.

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9 Mar 2021

Amex US CC with online access needed for urgent loading. Owner MUST have BTC setup for fast payout. No chargeback.

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8 Mar 2021

I have real Sender for the following operations, STP & FTP:-
MT103 / 202 MD

All operation goes to beneficiary bank common account.

Receiver beneficiary bank officer will start processing from common/Nostro account & receiver pay sender cost of swift after the checcking of TRN with mt103 before sender releases mt202 for processing

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